Photo above well describes my poor week with the culture.

My highlights were supposed to be the end of LIMITLESS and bringing home Christmas tree to start of the festive part of Hull 17 +bits of festive culture along the way.

But like those pigeons, I was crumbled down in the corner when it came to indulge in the culture.
Last week was not bad, but there was too much of everything else, I just couldn’t cope.

On the bright side – I made an extra effort to visit LIMITLESS on one of the last days.

_Z1A9680-WEEK 50 b


I wish they could leave the place open as permanent creative space for everyone, it was inspiring to be surrounded by the culture-everything from the new generation.

_Z1A9690WEEK 50 b

As I visited on its last hour of opening after 8 PM, it was quiet and empty. The noise, laughter and busyness was gone and it was just the space.

_Z1A9673WEEK 50 b_Z1A9674WEEK 50 b_Z1A9677WEEK 50 b_Z1A9682WEEK 50 b_Z1A9685WEEK 50 b_Z1A9691WEEK 50 b_Z1A9692WEEK 50 b_Z1A9693WEEK 50 b_Z1A9702WEEK 50 b_Z1A9704WEEK 50 b

The change was not as dramatic as I expected after the visit on the very first day it opened, however I noticed new features and amazing work kids have done with Debi Keable

_Z1A9695WEEK 50 b

Be Kind was part of the Worlds Kindness Day and the workshop took place in LIMITLESS as well as in libraries across the city while ago.

_Z1A9707WEEK 50 b_Z1A9710WEEK 50 b_Z1A9706WEEK 50 b

And then a little Christmas decorations, because we are in that time of the year.

_Z1A9713WEEK 50 b_Z1A9715WEEK 50 b

I will dearly miss LIMITLESS and I hope we can have annual celebrations of new generation in one place.

The Christmas tree event isn’t really a culture thing, but I wanted to make it part of my week, as it was my birthday too and it is my own tradition to get the tree on my birthday.
Unfortunately my other half was too busy to be part of that, so I have no Christmas tree [not yet] therefore no Christmas magic photos.

The week was difficult, I was working every day of the week on different clients, so when reflecting on week – how did I manage to get any culture photos?

Just to note – the end of the year is fast approaching and I feel like I have to really dig deep for culture…and I am not liking this at all.
This week is pre-Christmas panic – post processing and more photo work to be done, but I have made a wish list:


+Massive congratulations to Coventry being named as UK City Of Culture 2021

You are in for an amazing experience!!


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