If only we could pause the spring arriving and stand still while the Covid 19 is trashing our normalities.

Yesterday I almost wrote a sorry-for everyone Facebook post, since many of us are seeking support online. It was awkward for me  to publish such words, because I definitely don’t feel sorry for myself. I am enjoying the lockdown and thriving on the freedom, I am reconnecting with basic joys of life, and spending plenty of time with my family.

I accepted the things I can’t do or have at the moment, mourned my future travels to Latvia, and sick into my other job, where I am a key worker.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and spring is in a full swing. I love spring, my nostrils and skin loves the effects of it, for Easter I love invent my own happy and play Easter Bunny.


Couple of weeks ago, before the lockdown got tight, I went to a little wonderland near South Cave for some one-to-one with Mother Nature.  I had a clear vision in my mind what images I want to get out of that hour of freedom, and I think the result is an intimate imagery with snippets of nature. Subject to availability by the way…don’t expect palm trees and corn fields.

Enjoy these images and hopefully you feel like you are there smelling the grass, touching the dry stumps of tree, your skin is kissed by sun, and your lungs fill with spring air.

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I wish everyone Happy Easter! Stay at home, indulge into spring through the window, in your garden or acres of land, if you are lucky.  Tell your loved ones you adore them and miss them, pretend to be Easter Bunny, and cherish the things you have, don’t sulk on things you don’t.

Sending all my love
Anete Sooda Photo