Welcome to a reflection of one of the less – cultural Hull 2017 week so far.

This week has been more about reflecting my challenge and photography content, working on other photography jobs and planning.



This photograph is a view from Princess Quay, in a distance you can spot one of the City Of Culture installations ‘I Wish To Communicate With You’  initial concept by Italian artist Silvio Palladino.

The installation has involved the majority of the Thornton Estate’s 600 residents, living in 240 homes.

This photograph is part of my future involvement in City Of Culture and planning my next material.

I have planned some serious “culture stuff”, so here is the list below:

  • I will be creating City Of Culture Slinkachu [read more about what is Slinkachu here: Street Installations and Photography]
    I have tried Slinkachu in my second year at Uni, so I DEFINITELY KNOW WHAT I AM DOING – NOT.  I am waiting for my “little” people to arrive and in the meantime, preparing props and planning locations.
  • I am planning to meet up with City Of Culture Volunteers. All the volunteers involved in City Of Culture are so important, so I want to hear their stories and celebrate the work they do. This was to happen this week, but volunteers are very busy, so I am patiently waiting.
  • I am planning to visit Lines of Thought – A British Museum Touring Exhibition at Hull University and see the history for myself. I have discussed the exhibition with other “cultured” people that have seen it and apparently is a moment to be appreciated.
  • One of the really interesting things not just to photograph, but get involved in definitely is RE-MADE IN HULL in ScrapStore Community Centre Hall, Hull. For this one me [and you] need to book your attendance
    [link here:]
    I am thinking about 4th of February, so it could be awesome if someone would like to join me. Free lift to and from location available upon request :)
  • All things Hull History Centre and Revolutionary Makers Workshop
    The main focus will be to get there in general, have a look at “Hull Characters” exhibition.


more to come….


Hello on a very exciting Monday!

BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show and my fave Nick Grimshaw early this morning announced that BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend is coming to Hull.

Honestly seconds before he revealed the city, I was like “it must be Hull, cos City Of Culture, Hull, Hull, common ‘Ull”

So I am super excited and I will do anything in my power to be there, cos awesome photo opportunity and Kings Of Leon.

Here is more info available:

City Of Culture 2017 Radio 1 Big Weekend Hull

Last week was the third week of the City Of Culture 2017.

I was obsessed with the blade and tried to get there on a Wednesday EARLY sunny morning. The weather forecast failed and it was dark, damp, but getting out early meant no crowds….

Early mornings are interesting when you are not part of the early hours rush.

To my very disappointment The Blade even though available to myself, was not much easier to photograph. I am either giving up on trying to capture the lengthy beast from the grounds or I have to learn how to fly….

Interesting is the fact that during a normal rush hour morning, The Blade is just part of the landscape for those who pass it on their way to work, workman, seagulls…


The same morning I also went to Hull Maritime Museum to see the BOWHEAD.


The experience proved that I really need to be in a mood for a therapeutic session with whales floating on a screen, accomplished with “smooth” music.

I also went to the Ferens Open Exhibition official opening or private view.

I am honoured to be part of the exhibition although on the opening night I was in the same blender as other artists. The good news is that the opening was very crowded, full of culturally interested people and with a pride I was looking at my two prints, thinking how the hell did I got in here.

The bad news is that Ferens Art Gallery did not listened to me when I told them that my name needs changing on the catalogue, so for those who don’t know me by Anete Martinsone – nice to meet you.


AND on Saturday morning I headed to Princess Quay for the POP UP ART GALLERY RUN BY CHILDREN. 

Princess Quay cleverly use the retail space that is empty for art exhibitions and I think it is a great way how to utilize space.

I was left with a very warm feeling that kids are all about the Hull, as well as grown ups.


Again, just being involved is what this challenge is about. I might not been as entertained as I was during Made In Hull week, but I for what is worth – I am improving my relationship with Hull and its community.

Thank you


Week 2 started with a positive feedback and urge to get something  “Hull 2017” in the blog each week.

Week 2 started with The Blade. Art installation as part of the  Look Up, a programme of temporary artworks created for the city’s public spaces and places.
The artist Nayan Kulkarni took the very first wind turbine blade made in the newly built Siemens factory in Hull and installed it in Queen Victoria Square. He took it out of context and turned it into an abstract object that we feel empowered by.

And it actually does make you feel small. The need to touch it is so strong, you can’t help it.

Anyway, throughout the week I was thinking about the blade, and on Saturday I visited the “monster”.

I don’t think that any of the photos I took does justice to the installation.  So many people wanting to be part of the experience is certainly something that I need to avoid.



In the week three I am planning to get there bright and early on a weekday and possibly try to get 4 feet above ground to capture the blade fully [might start to fly].

On the same day I went to the re-opened Ferens Art Gallery to see the Pietro Lorenzetti “SIENA TO HULL, A MASTERPIECE REVEALED” exhibition and Ferens Open Exhibition.


I actually did not realise that I am part of Hull 2017 this year, because I have two artworks/photographs in the exhibition this year.



The last stop was Hull Maritime Museum and BOWHEAD installation.
I am not a big fan of  museums and to my disappointment we missed the last show of the day, so to my unfortunate luck, I had a little stroll around the museum. Again, I was very much interested in things that people are not seeing [like a “bumhole” as part of the whale hunting display or something].


The museum is great, it is worth having a look, it’s just that I am not very “history appreciative”.


I know that not every week will be full of stunning photos, unforgettable visits, but getting involved, or even thinking about and planning to be part of the Hull 2017, is healthy and we shall all embrace it.

If I can’t soak up any culture myself, I will take photographs of people who do, or volunteers.


See you next week, Hull.


This year has started with something very special. HULL CITY OF CULTURE 2017. Something that Hull has been preparing for quite a while. And I want to contribute, for you, for Hull and mainly for myself.

I have set myself a challenge to be part of this year through the lens.
Hull is my home and recent viewings of Made in Hull sound and light display set this journey off with a little tear in my eye. Being proud of this city and feeling the connection is what the whole point of the events through the year is.

The first week of City of Culture 2017 was all about Made in Hull and embracing the history, heritage and celebration of the last 70 years of life in the city.

The use of large-scale projection on buildings, illuminated skylines, soundscapes, shop windows and live performances transforms Hull into a big stage for everyone.

I haven’t been on top of the game with finding the perfect timing or location to capture the whole picture, only very limited access due to the crowds [the reason why I regret missing all the work opportunity application deadlines].

As per usual I was looking for people, those very “human” moments and ohh, I love you Hull, I love you people.