Dove House Colour Run 2016

Over the weekend I was involved in something pretty amazing and certainly different from everyday activities.

Dove House Hospice Colour Run took its place at Hymers College on Saturday. The event for the third year brought together fantastic people in urge to help and support Dove House Hospice.

The reason why I found myself covered in rainbow paint was my long-thought idea of running and photographing at the same time. I geared up with GoPro Hero, rather than carry the bulky Mark III, so I filmed as well as photographed. For the Colour Run I couldn’t really decide which way to go – run or photograph from the viewers point of view…and I think my decision to do both has got some success.

As just recently I have started volunteering for Dove House Hospice and start my End Of Life Celebrations project with them, I had the opportunity to bring the ideas forward to Fundraising team and they showed 100% support.

They loved the idea to have the Colour Run reflected from artists point of view within the actual run.

The GoPro Hero was an adorable little camera that took some shots from right of the middle of the action. I also filmed a lot whilst running, stopping for a close up action near the paint stations.

I have never used GoPro before and I wish I was. I have looked through the footage and the actual parts where I run are just…funny to say…a bit of a fail. Camera is jumping up and down with me and just doesn’t look right. But everything is a learning curve and I will master Adobe Pro and get a lovely short video from the footage I have.

Overall – really exciting event, brings different people together for one cause. The paint, sweat, water, smiles and fresh air literally made my day.

Thank you to Dove House Hospice and Phoebe for trusting me this awesome job, following my crazy ideas and lending me a GoPro.



P.S. Video to come soon….

Freedom Festival 2016

Freedom Festival 2016

Time has passed since the Freedom Festival, but it is never too late to share some great moments and re live the festival.



WARNING – there is nearly 200 photos, so before you decide to open the gallery and re live the festival, prepare a cup of tea and a bowl of biscuits.


I will keep the the reading to the minimum, so that you have the chance to indulge in the moments.

Massive thanks to Freedom Festival for trusting me with this big and important job, it was my honour to be the official photographer amongst great talent, such as Thomas Arran and Neil Holmes.

I was photographing the festival across three days – performances, music, theatre, people and moments.

My highlight was definitely Les Commandos Percu and Deabru Beltzak Danbor Talka: Clash of Drums on Friday night and Saturday daytime, when everyone embraced the rain and enjoyed the festival.

Looking back at the photographs, especially from the night time – the festival has been a learning curve and I have so much space where to develop.

I have recognised a strong Parr and Dench influence when I look at people and moments through the lens. I am drawn to human kind being awkward at times, honest, happy, beautiful, clumsy, innocent and guilty…I celebrate people.

The Freedom Festival this year has been incredible – it was distributed well across very significant and beautiful areas of Hull, it had wide range of art available to different kind of people and it was engaging.
I certainly feel like I was part of something really good, something that is so “Hull”.

I hope you enjoyed the festival and are ready for next year- 10th anniversary of Freedom Festival.

If you would like to enjoy festival from different points of view visit here:

Freedom Festival 2016 Highlights


Freedom Festival 2016 on Flickr


SO…Have you got the supplies ready?