Do you remember the recent event of solar eclipse?
I do. It was wonderful, painful and unforgettable.
Wonderful because space, our planet, sun and moon, and people are wonderful.
Painful because I was in agony with my bloody toothache and that day of the whole painful week was the day I can register in my head as “I happened”
Unforgettable because I [we as a group] embraced this historical moment. We climbed up the one of the tallest buildings in town, best spot in Hull to watch solar eclipse, amazing people organised the whole thing and most important I recorded this little wonder.

Series of images with the peak of the eclipse:

solar eclipse peak b

Series of images with the fade of the eclipse:

solar eclipse fade b


Canon 60D – needed the pop out screen

70-300mm – longest lens available

tripod – obviously

Protection from the UV – triple layer welding glasses [eyes] ND +2 filter, polarizing filter, green and red filter on top [camera]


Thanks to Mark Terry, Alison, Natalie, Laura, Erin, Laura, security guard and others involved.