The reason for this blog post is that Remote Control Humber Photography Project reached its culmination last night with a beautiful exhibition at Brynmore Jones Library.

The story and my involvement in this project is a wonderful example how great people across the region can come together and create something outstanding.

I guess it started with a idea and a pot of funding available – Stewart Baxter from Hinterland Creative saw a potential and need for a photography project across Humber region. He united with the amazing local artist/photographer Anna Bean [aka Bluebeany] and mapped out cities/towns that hides talented photography interests.

When I was approached to help out I had no second thoughts – I am great believer that being a photographer and road to success is networking, or as I call it “make friends”.

And this project was all about making friendships, meet other photographers, inspire someone that lacks courage and be inspired myself.

My role was to document the project and I also spoke about my work on few occasions.

The project was everything that we ever wanted and the exhibition is a beautiful collection of that.

We travelled to Scunthorpe and Driffield, also making things happen here in Hull.
We had amazing people involved – Christopher Manson, Joanne Coates with workshops to develop skills in documentary and storytelling photography.
We had inspiring photographers and filmmakers like Alec Gill and Katie from Flygirl Films, our own Stewart Baxter thrived as a photographer throughout the project and Anna Bean made sure we all dare to experiment with our ideas.
We went on BBC Radio Humberside to tell Burnsy and people in Humberside that we are here and ready to exhibit and showcase the work we’ve done. We went to GF Smiths to learn about paper and photographic printing, we created newspapers through Newspaper Club for our project and we had a nosy at the HIP Gallery in Hull. We also ran a workshop for image editing and post process and we for sure made friends like Pam in Driffield.

I will allow images to speak for themselves in the gallery below:


Some of the project participants were handed with Lomography B&W film cameras  and that was another great addition to the project:


To reflect on the project – it was an amazing journey that made me feel like I am part of something important. I’m so lucky to be part of the project and, most importantly – lucky to have met Stewart, Chris, Joanne, James, Mike, Lee, Ann, Ivy and everyone else involved. They inspired me and gave me more confidence and I sure feel like I gained more than ever expected. It was a pleasure to document everything along the way.


For the first time I have delayed the monthly culture blog for so long. It is confusing to write now about what happened then, because December already has given me different emotions and experiences. So I will try to screw my head back round and go back in time.
As usual in the second half of 2018, I feared that I will have nothing to write about, but somehow I have tricked myself and November was productive.

First –  to my deep sadness I missed out Hull Comedy Festival 2018, but I went to Big City Of Culture Quiz of the Year to make up for it.


It felt like I have missed a big yearly family gathering and being there to see few familiar faces made me load more happier.



I also went down to Queens House Showcase to see the ARTIST TAKEOVER #3.

Again – pretty much a regular there since I  have Creative ENRG mentor on my side and I go there on a monthly basis.
Thought for the future – exhibit there myself..

_Z1A9988NOV18 b

Artists on display  – Lucy Kelly, Hannah Green, Ingrid Holborn and Saffron Brown

Hannah Green

_Z1A9979NOV18 b_Z1A9982NOV18 b

Ingrid Holborn

_Z1A9977NOV18 b

Saffron Brown

_Z1A9967NOV18 b

Lucy Kelly

I have worked with Lucy before, taking photographs of her paintings, textiles and ceramics and she is a raw artist so hard not to love. Her work is complete and made with thought about global issues. Her personality is bold and I am very honoured to have her on my client list.
_Z1A9974NOV18 b_Z1A9963NOV18 b

_Z1A9973NOV18 b

Very end of the month I had a very special visitor – my sister and I wanted to share my love for the city and we both went to the URBAN LEGENDS:NORTHERN LIGHTS

In all honesty – the camera was pretty much a habit rather than intentional tool for the experience and after seeing fantastic photographs from the event, I wish I took it more seriously. These days we don’t get events like that in the city often and it was a great photo-opportunity that I missed out on.

_Z1A0948NOV18 b_Z1A0956NOV18 b_Z1A0961NOV18 b_Z1A0973NOV18 b_Z1A0979NOV18 b

One of the creative directors was Anna Bean known as Bluebeany [alongside other great ones] and her stamp of fantastic creations was all over the displays.

_Z1A0982NOV18 b_Z1A0997NOV18 b_Z1A1005NOV18 b_Z1A1013NOV18 b_Z1A1023NOV18 b

_Z1A1027NOV18 b_Z1A0987NOV18 b


_Z1A1037NOV18 b_Z1A1042NOV18_1 b_Z1A1065NOV18 b

As an outsider my sister loved most of the installations, some more than others. At least, she got to see why I love the city so much.
_Z1A1081NOV18 b

Oh, at the beginning of the month I had a visit to the Portraits at Sea Hull Maritime Museum.

_Z1A9999NOV18 b_Z1A0001NOV18 b_Z1A0003NOV18 b

I think my favourite moment was the conversation with the volunteer about the exhibition next door and how she got emotional. Or when she said that there aren’t many opportunities to volunteer these days… If you ask me, that is the “legacy” that we have to deal with – we are hungry for culture and we are getting starved.

As part of my Illuminate Project: Legacy I went to see Alec Gill’s Hessle Roaders Guided Tour at Brynmore Jones Library.


Across my social media I have been banging on about it a lot, but for those who need filling in: Alec Gill and hes Hessle Roaders photographs seen back in September 2017 at St Johns Church inspired me to invite him as part of my search for City of Culture legacy. He is an absolute sweetheart – caring, loving, warm, kind and witty. He has welcomed me in his home, introduced with his poetry writing wife Audrey and shared his side of the story. Going to one of his Guided tours was not just for the project, it was also to see and hear him again, proving that he carries the legacy flag in his heart and inspires me do the same.


Throughout November I had some thoughts about City Of Culture, the impact that it had on me and how it slowly starts to fade. Since the city and Absolutely Cultured is having less cultural events, I feel like loosing the connection with the city. And I start to wonder if having less interest from the Hull people is mirroring my experience. Or is it just that thing where I need to crack on and have my own cultural journey on my own terms, like I did in 2017.
And it leads me to the question – do I continue my culture blogging in 2019? What is your thoughts?
Should I stick to the promise that Culture Company gave us in 2017 about three years of legacy and just crack on?

December is half way and I am full of reflections – Illuminate Project: Legacy Redeye event happened, I went down Preston Road derelict housing estate and had I have emotional review to write about A Northern Soul.


You may well wonder of why I am not making Christmas happening, instead writing weekly culture…

Life sometimes is full of lemons, I certainly have bucket full of lemons for past week and for Christmas. Culture and Hull 17 events have actually dragged me out of the misery this week. Having a focus on happy things has saved me.

At the beginning of last week I made a wishlist and I was very lucky to tick two points from the list:

But first.

HULL BEERMAT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL and the beer mats where found. At Larkins Bar Hull down Newland Avenue.

_Z1A0114WEEK51 b

Still sulking a little bit, but the material they are made from means they won’t last forever and we may need another competition in few years time.


Second. I was trying to Christmas shop this week and the madness, greed and consumerism wasn’t really a surprise. These photographs were taken way before it was appropriate to talk Christmas, but few weeks on and I think its worth sharing Princess Quay decorations.

_Z1A7756WEEK 48 b

_Z1A7757WEEK 48 b

During the week I had some time to walk down Newland Avenue on my way to Brynmore Jones Library and PAINTING POWER: THE ART OF TERENCE CUNEO and aww, it was so lovely to see how local community is celebrating this wonderful time. Well done and thank you for a big smile on my face.

_Z1A0334WEEK51 b_Z1A0336WEEK51 b


The way to the university was one of those where I was purely focused on culture. That feeling and the photos after was missed a little bit in the past few months, so that’s worth mentioning._Z1A0345WEEK51 b

The viewing experience was pretty cool and will last in my memory for a long time. Mainly because of the volunteers and how that change my experience.

_Z1A0368WEEK51 b_Z1A0375WEEK51 b

First circle around the exhibition was my usual self – instead of seeing the whole picture, I pay attention to details – frames, lighting, detail in artwork. And sometimes it is very brief. Like I am there, but not there.

_Z1A0353WEEK51 b_Z1A0349WEEK51 b_Z1A0348WEEK51 b

I was already leaving when approached by a volunteer. She asked me what I thought about the paintings and have I seen Hull and the Queen, have I seen the mice… Half an hour later I was inlove with Cuneo. 

We – the ordinary people sometimes need help to see the art. I have a lot of cultural background, I have seen a lot and even did a degree in arts. But I still need help and guidance. Or someones passion for art.
And I am so thankful for the conversation, knowledge and passion to the lovely volunteer.

_Z1A0372WEEK51 b

The same applies to volunteers at Where Do We Go From Here. They deserve a medal for what they do, I even told them I love them. Haha.

Hull on the night is full of character when the time is right and even the few drunk lads did not spoil it for me.

_Z1A0461WEEK51 b

I finally had the chance to see the robots.

First I headed to Trinity Square.

_Z1A0414WEEK51 b_Z1A0409WEEK51 b

They are rising the question of where do we go from here after this year, but I really have to use my imagination to believe in that. But Where Do We Go From Here are fascinating light and machinery installations. The robots make me feel alive in the 2017 being aware of the changing technologies and times. Being aware that humans can’t be fed with the same things, we need something striking to make us think and pay notice.

_Z1A0460WEEK51 b_Z1A0458WEEK51 b_Z1A0438WEEK51 b

The robots are way cool, that is undeniable, but do they pay justice to the year we had?


Last but not least. I had a tripod. I haven’t used tripod since I left university. I was excited like a little child getting a unicorn for a birthday. For that reason I went to the Queen Victoria Square and Queens Gardens to photograph Christmas lights and few other low light actions.

First I was very impressed by the building opposite to Queens Gardens that is home to The Warren.

_Z1A0474WEEK51 b_Z1A0473WEEK51 b

_Z1A0469WEEK51 b

_Z1A0478WEEK51 b

_Z1A0477WEEK51 b

And here I am. Week away from the end. THE END. THE END.

It is so bizarre to think that whole photo challenge started as an idea. The weekly photo wonders have literally turned my year around by 360 degrees. Amazing. Wonderful. I am proud and thankful.

52 weeks of people, places, jobs, opportunities, surprises, disappointments and love for Hull.

I wish everyone who’s been part of my journey, or reading my blog a very Merry Christmas and unforgettable 2018.
Anete Sooda




Photo above well describes my poor week with the culture.

My highlights were supposed to be the end of LIMITLESS and bringing home Christmas tree to start of the festive part of Hull 17 +bits of festive culture along the way.

But like those pigeons, I was crumbled down in the corner when it came to indulge in the culture.
Last week was not bad, but there was too much of everything else, I just couldn’t cope.

On the bright side – I made an extra effort to visit LIMITLESS on one of the last days.

_Z1A9680-WEEK 50 b


I wish they could leave the place open as permanent creative space for everyone, it was inspiring to be surrounded by the culture-everything from the new generation.

_Z1A9690WEEK 50 b

As I visited on its last hour of opening after 8 PM, it was quiet and empty. The noise, laughter and busyness was gone and it was just the space.

_Z1A9673WEEK 50 b_Z1A9674WEEK 50 b_Z1A9677WEEK 50 b_Z1A9682WEEK 50 b_Z1A9685WEEK 50 b_Z1A9691WEEK 50 b_Z1A9692WEEK 50 b_Z1A9693WEEK 50 b_Z1A9702WEEK 50 b_Z1A9704WEEK 50 b

The change was not as dramatic as I expected after the visit on the very first day it opened, however I noticed new features and amazing work kids have done with Debi Keable

_Z1A9695WEEK 50 b

Be Kind was part of the Worlds Kindness Day and the workshop took place in LIMITLESS as well as in libraries across the city while ago.

_Z1A9707WEEK 50 b_Z1A9710WEEK 50 b_Z1A9706WEEK 50 b

And then a little Christmas decorations, because we are in that time of the year.

_Z1A9713WEEK 50 b_Z1A9715WEEK 50 b

I will dearly miss LIMITLESS and I hope we can have annual celebrations of new generation in one place.

The Christmas tree event isn’t really a culture thing, but I wanted to make it part of my week, as it was my birthday too and it is my own tradition to get the tree on my birthday.
Unfortunately my other half was too busy to be part of that, so I have no Christmas tree [not yet] therefore no Christmas magic photos.

The week was difficult, I was working every day of the week on different clients, so when reflecting on week – how did I manage to get any culture photos?

Just to note – the end of the year is fast approaching and I feel like I have to really dig deep for culture…and I am not liking this at all.
This week is pre-Christmas panic – post processing and more photo work to be done, but I have made a wish list:


+Massive congratulations to Coventry being named as UK City Of Culture 2021

You are in for an amazing experience!!



Hi there,

When making decisions of what culture events to visit for my 42nd week of culture, I had some thinking to do.
I know how important my photo challenge is to myself, how I have made it such a big part of my weekly life and all that. BUT I had to switch my business and sensible brain on – all big/great ideas for the photographic future of mine are requiring work and time. Therefore I decided to culture myself just enough to feel like I was part of it, but not too much so that it takes hours on edit and writing.


I sometimes pick culture that is in the same route. This route is not usually in my weekly wonders, so it is extra special when I decide to do some walking and travelling.

_Z1A0148WEEK42 b
I just want to celebrate the amazing exhibiting space in Brynmore Jones Library at Hull University

I have been there for few exhibitions this year and each time the space is transformed beautifully – it is versatile and pristine.

First one was the DYSLEXIA PORTRAIT  just outside the main gallery.  The small exhibit shines spotlight on dyslexia and ways how people suffering with it cope. Exhibition by Hull Photographic Artist Miranda Harr is a photographic project which explores and challenges our ideas about how people with dyslexia see the world.

_Z1A0111WEEK42 b_Z1A0115WEEK42 b_Z1A0119WEEK42 b_Z1A0120WEEK42 b



_Z1A0121WEEK42 b

This collection was the highlight and a surprise of the day. I was not aware that this is opening on that day, but hunting the DYSLEXIA PORTRAIT this treasure was found.
I have to apologise to the artists and organisers for publishing this, if you made the decision not to allow photographs. As one of the first people there, the decision was still up in the air, so half way, I was asked to stop taking photos just in case.
However I have to stick to my duties [bad girl].

_Z1A0137WEEK42 b_Z1A0142WEEK42 b_Z1A0146WEEK42 b

The whole experience was the pleasure to the eye and the lens. Even the first visitors had some beautiful characteristics.

_Z1A0125WEEK42 b_Z1A0133WEEK42 b_Z1A0135WEEK42 b

_Z1A0132WEEK42 b

The organisers have stated that humour comes in many forms. Dry, wry, sly, satirical, absurd, droll, witty, crude, bawdy, raw, black – just some of the many epithets associated with it. Perhaps humour has to be qualified, because what one person finds funny is not always guaranteed to make the next person roll around in the aisles. The humour that flavours this exhibition is generally of wry kind – more likely to raise a smile or provoke feelings of recognition than elicit gales of laughter. 

And that pretty much sums up the exhibition. One of the volunteers pointed out to Grayson Perry’s Print for A Politician 2005 and I am so glad she did. That was one of my favourites at the end. The humour exhibited and shown to the public is an intelligent and leaves space for some extra thoughts.

Each day visitors are allowed to take a joke home too. I didn’t really laugh about mine, just thought how silly people can be, even if the situation is not taken from real life.

_Z1A0130WEEK42 b



_Z1A0171WEEK42 b

ARTLINK is my sweet little treat every now and then  – there isn’t generous amounts of space or fantastic lighting, but each artist exhibiting brings their own little world into the gallery. This time it is sculptor Brian Griffith with the puppets as self portraits from his friends and colleagues.

_Z1A0168WEEK42 b_Z1A0161WEEK42 b_Z1A0158WEEK42 b_Z1A0153WEEK42 b

Looking at art of this kind, I feel slight jealousy that I don’t have the space and the talent. My imagination extend to great lengths, but the execution isn’t my strong point. Photography sort of helps, but because of its great technicality, sometimes things don’t work out.

Great reflections this week, culture is beautiful and I am starting to compare it with comfort food. For the brain. Because the belly still craves yum yum’s.