Have a guess of how I am feeling today after full weekend of Freedom Festival? Trashed. And thankful for such a crazy work opportunity.

Somehow I managed to visit culture that was not Freedom Festival on Thursday. Little to say that photographs from Freedom Festival are still in “baking” so keep your eyes peeled for the highlights…



THE HESSLE ROADERS exhibition was something not to be missed – Hessle Road community was part of my lesson of how to be British and even after moving away from the area, I still go there on a weekly basis. The exhibition is celebrating Hull’s Fishing Community through an eye of a ALEC GILL.

AND JUST AS IMPORTANT – the exhibition held in church +plus I got someone cultured.

As we walked in we were welcomed by a warm handshake from a lovely man, who turned out to be the photographer himself. As proceeding through the exhibition and even days after, I get the sense of how important the short greeting was.

The exhibition is everything we need – genuine story with beautifully captured lives, connection with the past and the future [Smith&Nephew are the sponsor’s of Dr Alec Gill’s photo exhibition] and human factor in each photograph. To meet the photographer was my highlight, he was the warmest and nicest person, but on point and professional.

My favourite part of the exhibition is the opportunity examine lives of community in a collapse – how people lived, rebuilding their lives and keeping the community spirit. Real detail of real lives from psychologists point of view.

Everything was real, Alec Gill was real.

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As part of Smith&Nephew new £8 million world-class Research&Development centre opening THE HESSLE ROADERS was exhibited in the centre and still is there pleasing the eyes of  all the staff at Smith&Nephew [genuine source told me].

There is also an artist out there who is making film about Dr Alec Gill, so I will be looking out for it.

Dr Alec Gill is also author of books, Hull historian and filmmaker.

If you get a chance to go – it is open until 10th September.
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