Have a guess of how I am feeling today after full weekend of Freedom Festival? Trashed. And thankful for such a crazy work opportunity.

Somehow I managed to visit culture that was not Freedom Festival on Thursday. Little to say that photographs from Freedom Festival are still in “baking” so keep your eyes peeled for the highlights…



THE HESSLE ROADERS exhibition was something not to be missed – Hessle Road community was part of my lesson of how to be British and even after moving away from the area, I still go there on a weekly basis. The exhibition is celebrating Hull’s Fishing Community through an eye of a ALEC GILL.

AND JUST AS IMPORTANT – the exhibition held in church +plus I got someone cultured.

As we walked in we were welcomed by a warm handshake from a lovely man, who turned out to be the photographer himself. As proceeding through the exhibition and even days after, I get the sense of how important the short greeting was.

The exhibition is everything we need – genuine story with beautifully captured lives, connection with the past and the future [Smith&Nephew are the sponsor’s of Dr Alec Gill’s photo exhibition] and human factor in each photograph. To meet the photographer was my highlight, he was the warmest and nicest person, but on point and professional.

My favourite part of the exhibition is the opportunity examine lives of community in a collapse – how people lived, rebuilding their lives and keeping the community spirit. Real detail of real lives from psychologists point of view.

Everything was real, Alec Gill was real.

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As part of Smith&Nephew new £8 million world-class Research&Development centre opening THE HESSLE ROADERS was exhibited in the centre and still is there pleasing the eyes of  all the staff at Smith&Nephew [genuine source told me].

There is also an artist out there who is making film about Dr Alec Gill, so I will be looking out for it.

Dr Alec Gill is also author of books, Hull historian and filmmaker.

If you get a chance to go – it is open until 10th September.
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Hull City Of Culture 2017 and the photo challenge has become part of my life. Sneaked up on me at the beginning of the year and now I can’t imagine my week without the random visits, walks, places and people. Random – this week has been one of those. Every Sunday or Monday I sit down, panic about the deadline and look through the photos taken. Although this week has been work-crazy, I have managed to photograph two different [completely] cultural things.
CASTING ON HUMBER: Castaway Act on Sobriety.

The Sobriety Project in partnership with Castaway Goole received funding for this unique project from Hull UK City of Culture 2017’s Creative Communities programme.

Lady called Sarah Louise Davies was so lovely, she sent me the press release with some more info about the performance.

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The cast are all experienced members of Castaway Music Theatre who work together weekly in Goole with Sarah Davies.

15 members of the group will be joined by additional professional performers, Hull City of Culture volunteers and members of community groups who are participating in workshops in Hull and Goole.

Castaway Music Theatre member Anna said: “We know what we’re doing. But we don’t know what will happen.

Martin Green, Director of Hull 2017, said: “The Creative Communities Programme encourages local groups and performers to think outside the box and this project has certainly done that.”

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It really was something different in the most beautiful way. I went to the very first performance, mid week, early daytime, so I saw the first reaction from the public.
It made me smile, art and culture is for everyone, not just to view, but to be part of. The members of public had the opportunity to become part of the performance and jiggle along. And I have learned to dance whilst on camera duty…


The second #getculturedmovement activity was something completely different. Other spectrum of the culture. The long hunted Ground Gallery down Beverley Road was hosting a PEACE PARTY.

One culture event leads to another – that is how I got an invite to the party. Martin Berger –  saxafonist and clarnetist from Spain was playing at the Casting On Humber, so he invited me to come along.

_Z1A8624WEEK22 b

Saturday was an intense day that was measured in 18,000 steps and a lot of fresh air, and  a lot of photos taken. DO I REALLY FEEL LIKE A PEACE PARTY??

But my gut feeling told me to get my camera back on and at least have a nosy. I guess after two attempts to see the gallery – art gem in the middle of quite a culture-quiet area, this was my chance.

I arrived and there was “peace” hippies gathering and I was about to experience a cultural awkwardness…

I am familiar with the culture, back in the day I was hanging out with few and the lifestyle, although not for me, seemed fascinating.

But the shock hit me – all dressed up in Ray Bans, fancy camera, Ombre hair…I was feeling like the capitalist pig [yeah, I’ve got the definition for you to read] and I guess I am a little bit, but that was right in my face.

People there have the community that is based on love and peace, ideology they share and the lifestyle that makes them free spirits. At least the outer shell says that.

There was a lot of friendly and chatty people, it was welcoming, but more than ever I had to convince them that my presence is genuine.

About the gallery – strong vibes of artist PINKYVISION. I have been following the work on social platforms and that made me feel a bit more comfortable.
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Also very strong vibes of the workshops that Ground Gallery  hosts – art is covering nearly every inch of the space, it is like an art hub, the feeling seeing all that is quite special. It is like you are in someone’s world.
So I hope that one day I can go back to the gallery and be part of the art/making of art.

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The space is a magical as I expected, so I am so happy that made sure I am not imagining things.

When it comes to the party itself – there was some poetry, talks, music and jokes. Most of it covered the subject of peace and support of the Campaign Against Arms Trade.
These people care and they came together to celebrate that…

Thank you guys for answering my very straight questions, letting me be part of it and sorry if I need more time to feel comfortable around you.

The galley at the moment is on and off with the wokshops, so if you subscribe to their mailing list, you can be updated with the upcoming events, work shops.

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This week of Hull City Of Culture 2017 has been full of amazing things, so I’ve heard..I wish I could be at more than on place at the time, have more time on my hands…

Let’s see where the 23rd week takes me.

Anete Sooda



I was asked to cover ReRooted Festival on Friday and bit on Saturday and I had a blast.

Top highlights:

  • Give Me A Sign by artist Mark Waddell.

    I had the pleasure of meeting him, he spared his time to display his posters in front of some very Hull landmarks and he was a good crazy character.

  • Meeting Gillian Dyson and Mike Stubbs

    Gilliant Dyson was not only the curator of the festival, she also has a diverse portfolio that incorporates socially engaged practice, higher education pedagogy, academic research, and performance and visual art [yes, the info is taken from her website. Over the weekend I found out that she is curating the festival, then I found out that she is the lecturer of the contemporary theatre students and on Saturday she also did an art performance].

    Mark Stubbs was the co-curator of the Lineages: The legacy of Live and Media art in Hull. The talks aim is tackling themes of life after Brexit, feminism and the decline of western civilisation, the festival seeks to spark debate and celebrate the lasting legacy of former commissioning agency Hull Time Based Arts.

  • Dave Lynch and his old-tech BULWARK.

    BULWARK is a technological barricade created from fragments of abandoned technology using the age-old construction technique of drystone walling. The installation was way cool and I think for a split moment I cracked the shy artist about the wall and if he has got any relations with the tech-pieces seen in the wall.


    A series of solo performances by Leeds Beckett University Performing Arts students informed by an exploration into how we are shaped by our actions, how others see us, and the changing conditions in the world.

    The performance turned the Humber Street into a society/stereotype zoo. Or changing times display… Each character was well thought out, costumes, props, actual performance and sound effects…amazing.
    The best thing was to over-hear people reacting to what they are seeing.

On Saturday there was also some skateboarding workshops, good sausages and sunshine for everyone to enjoy the festival.

One thing I was hoping to see was the respected artist Anne Bean performance [She returns to Hull for ReROOTed, having taken part in the first ever Hull Time Based Arts public exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery in 1984 with the Bow Gamelan Ensemble. This time, Bean will tap into the principles of Sympathetic Magic to conjure up fragments of her 45-year art practice LINK BELOW ]



I am sharing the 50ish best moments, really grafted over the weekend to be able to share this with you on a Monday…so have a look and spread the #getcultured movement.