How many times I have heard phrases: “have you got a Facebook page” “You should get a Facebook Page”
I am not someone who likes to maintain social life within social networking platforms – life is to short to be sat on the computer and phone.

But I guess Facebook page is not going to harm my photography business. Also I feel like this is the time when I have a good reason to have a official page on the worlds most popular social network – Facebook.
My postcard says: Find me on Facebook. It could be my personal profile, which by the way is decent and my timeline attends to be photographically relevant anyway, but according to some sources – not good for business.


I did a bit of a research first, more looking for profile picture and cover photograph inspirations and what photographers/artists usually combine together to make their professional “face” look attractive and interesting.

50 Creative Facebook Covers to Inspire You

I also looked up photographers/artists that I follow on Facebook

2016-05-242016-05-24 (1)2016-06-10 (2)

Also I come across 7 reasons why it is suggested to have a Facebook Page for your business:

#1: Your Clients Are Not Your “Friends”

Using our personal profile requires us to be “friends” with those we wish to market to. The implications and meaning of the term “Facebook friend” cover a wide spectrum to different people, with some people reluctant to become a friend of what appears to be a business. “Friend” somehow seems too strong a relationship to some people for what is, after all, a business connection.

In contrast, the act of becoming a “fan” of a business page is generally less threatening to users; “fan” is simply less personal a connection than being a “friend”. Further down the road, if they decide they no longer wish to be a fan, it feels easier to “unlike” the page, rather than to “unfriend” someone.

#2: Don’t Hit The Ceiling!

There is a ceiling of 5000 friends for personal profiles, meaning that we’re limited to interacting with only a finite number of people. While 5000 might seem like a lot at first, it’s only about 1% of the population of a medium-sized city. I do know of several people who, having reached the 5000 friend limit, have gone to the lengths of creating a second personal profile, again something that’s in contradiction to Facebook’s terms of service, and which runs the risk of them being disabled by Facebook.

Business pages, on the other hand, don’t have any limits on the number of fans they can have.

#3: Keeping Friends, Family, And Business Separate

We really need to keep our personal family & friends separate from clients and other business associates. While we can do some of this through the use of friend lists, it can become cumbersome and prone to human error.

With a business page, your fans are just that, fans, even if some of them happen to be friends and family. As long as you maintain the good practice of always posting to and updating your Facebook page in a professional manner, your business updates will be relevant to anyone who “likes” your page.

#4: Social Plugins For Pages

Other than posting a simple link, marketing your personal profile outside of Facebook, for example on your website or blog, is difficult. There are no social plugins (as far as I know) that allow you to easily integrate your personal Facebook profile on external sites.

Pages are a different story – there is a wide selection of social plugins available to encourage people to “like” your page or comment on your content. These social plugins allow you to expand your sphere of influence far beyond that of your personal profile, increasing your reach to friends of your fans etc.

#5: Page Insights

Tracking and measuring your business performance is simply impossible when working from a personal profile, as there are no metrics or analytics available in Facebook to measure user interaction.

Pages, though, come armed with powerful insights and metrics that can really help us to understand how users are interacting and engaging with our content.

#6: SEO

The search engines do not index personal Facebook profiles, so there is no SEO benefit to running a business from one. Having another web presence that can be included in the search index is invaluable in helping to drive traffic to your page or your website.

#7: Facebook Advertising Opportunities

We may as well face it – Facebook marketing has changed a great deal over the last few years! What started out as a great platform from which to broadcast our marketing is fast becoming a “pay to play”system, so we may as well get used to it 🙂

You may have noticed, for example, that the reach of your page posts has declined dramatically, and that not as many people are seeing your updates these days. The answer is paid advertising, something Facebook clearly has a vested interest in, but the good news is that advertising on Facebook is very effective when done correctly, something I’ll be addressing in a future course here on Zenologue.

However, since you can’t advertise a personal profile, this is yet another reason to add to the list for having a properly set up Facebook page for your photography marketing efforts.


Having all the resources, I also rang up AJR Photographs and have her wise opinion, as she is the marketing wizard.

The suggestion and actually the best advice: keep the Facebook page relevant to your current project and it will naturally grow and develop as you can change the page content according to the work and project at the time.

As I now frequently focus on Final Major Project “End Of Life” celebrations this is what I need to promote, also will work well with the exhibition and everything else going on at the moment.

I thought that the profile picture should be my precious logo. I hate white and love gray, so I combined both in creating a profile picture.


The cover page should be about the project “End Of Life” so I kept the similar concept to my postcards and other promotional elements.



The top one looked a lot more appealing, it also was suitable for the image crop available on Facebook.

It took me half a day to make it perfect and at the end I felt like I just gave birth to a child of mine.

Now, you can find me on Facebook:

Anete Sooda Photography

I hope that WordPress blog and Facebook page is enough for now, as I really don’t want to be maintaining more than that in the virtual world.


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