The print samples from Ditto4Design  came and I had the honours of making sure they are ready for the A0.

I was looking out for detail, correct colour, sharpness and overall quality.
Most of the prints were fine and as expected.

One print had a mysterious dot and I had to ask image owner if that is part of the image or it needs to be gone.

2016-05-17 10.51.23-1

The darker images had some missing detail in the some parts and i had to ring up Lindsey from Ditto4Design to find out why.

It was a real problem to explain the problem, as Lindsey is not technically trained, but from what she could understand – it was the colour profile fault. If images are changed from RGB to CMYK, the colour profiles they use, it should solve the problem. As they have already done it for printing purpose, it was a big misunderstanding at the end and it appears that it is the general issue with the images. Poster effect is improvable within the original RAW file, but I had no time to test that. And to be fair, I did not mind that.
Some other prints had a similar issue, but it was to do with over saturation in editing and I left the problem to be solved by the image owner.
Ditto4Design did actually show a lot of dedication and willing to go the extra mile for the client. Some students had a different experience, but as revealed later, the image that failed to print was not in the suitable standard. Unfortunately, they might have lost their patience by then, therefore some students had a different customer experience.

The postcards seemed to have no faults.

Now our job was to wait for the final prints, in the meantime write our blogs and promote the exhibition.

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