I went back to Dove House Hospice to see Tania Wilson and have a look around the hospice, meet some people and hand in the volunteer application form.

Again I managed to get myself there early. I had a look through some booklets related to death and picked up a few:

  • Organ Donation is a bit separate from my project ideas, but I had a thought – not taking in account religion – donating organs is like providing spare parts for a different body that serves a great purpose -to live and fully execute the abilities that the body gives. Sounds strange, but I believe that our body and physical assets is just for us to get about and help others, love and live.
  • Getting the facts right about death and dying booklet is revealing the myths and gives an insight of how we should approach this sensitive subject.
  • Talk to children about dying booklet again is just there to explain the myths and gives information about how to help your children understand death. It is up to a parent how to tell the child if a family member or a friend passes away, but there should be that safe word or explanation. Also this is a subject to look into for the project Dove House Hospice have submitted for City Of Culture 2017, as I might be part of that.


Also I had a look around the hospice. Really friendly and homely vibes, I felt like I am part of an amazing place and community, great people and I can’t imagine the best place where to deal with death and share the sadness.

The garden is like a wonderland and I promised that I will photograph the garden and “photoshop” unicorns and angels, because I feel their presence there. Ha!

I also met lovely personnel and patients. It was a bit sad to realise the “end” for some, but if I am being honest – none of them looked down – all smiley, happy and full of life.
This is what makes this place special – the surroundings and people that do this amazing job of taking care of terminally ill.

Thank you #DoveHouseHospice

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