British seaside at its best

The British seaside is a fantastic place, it is multipurpose entertainment and pleasure to the eye. For those who enjoy the sun-sea-sand-ice-cream-kids-dogs-beers-exposed body fat and million other things. And for those who just jump in the British culture madness and witness the beauty of it, the bizarreness of it and just wonder around absorbing the surroundings.

British famed photographers  Martin Parr and Peter Dench have indulged in the British seaside for many decades. They wonder around the beach and intrude personal spaces and create a collage of British seaside scenery. Bold and saturated colours, weird angles and obvious presence is the key to success for them…what has changed now?

Last weekend I just had to get away from the duties of photographing, celebrating and writing about “end of life”.

Last weekend was the first HOT WEEKEND when I finally realized that May has sneaked up on me and summer is knocking on the door.

My mood was slightly aggressive and pissed off, as I was not getting the results from “life” as I would like. And I think that was the reason why I did not care about pointing my camera into peoples faces and their tongues sticking out to have a lick on their melting ice creams. I thought if I can sneak around bushes in grave yards, I can certainly do this…
And I loved every bite [bit] of it… so relaxing to be “that kind of a photographer”



My friend, who’s British have said to me that looking at Peter Dench Ibiza photographs makes her feel ashamed to be British. Whereas I find it revealing and funny. It is always good to be able to laugh about yourself, see the “dark side” and admit that we all have one.

Does Parr’s “Last Resort” is making British to be ashamed to be British or dead fucking proud?

I am proud to be living in Britain, be Latvian and take every bite out of this fascinating culture.

Thank you Britain for making me laugh, live, love.

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