Week 23 of the challenge has flown by – again. Time just flies and last week especially I was living in a bubble – week blended in as one long day with a lot of amazing things, cool photo shoots [one very cool solid] and great people.

Last week obviously went down to Hull School of Art&Design – AS THEY CALL IT THE BRODRICK GALLERY NOW – for the degree show.

Hull School of Art&Design Degree Show 2017 Hull City of Culture
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First of all massive CONGRATS to Fine Art students for having the best social/promo/marketing presence I’ve seen in years. They are only bunch of students [are they?], but they have done such a brilliant job. Their exhibition BEHIND THE WHITE WALLS was the one I wanted to see the most, so their marketing has worked.

_Z1A8711WEEK23 b

Having been the student and gone through the degree, I know exactly how difficult and time consuming it is to do everything 100% – creating the final work, writing, researching and preparing the space, and have the perfect social platform to spread the word. Well done!
And off course – some really great stuff – some abstract, some hearty, some personal, some random and some follows issues in the current world.
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I must say that this year I have enjoyed Fine Art the most. Illustration is usually the one I have my eyes peeled, but this year the diversity grabbed my attention in Fine Art studios. Lovely to chat with the artists-students behind the work, plus some other deep conversations at Hull School of Art&Design.
The visit took me back one year ago, and I feel so thankful and lucky. For some, like me, the degree opens another world and offers a great platform to be a great artist, photographer or arhitect, illustrator or web designer. And there are few that really make it to the real world.

Also came to a conclusion that I don’t miss being a student. I milked the cow to the last drop with no regrets. It is an absolute pleasure to pop in now and then and see the people that helped me to shape my photography.

Erm, the photography exhibition was alright [mine/ours was miles better hahah]. There was a few problems – previously mentioned Fine Art BEHIND THE WHITE WALLS and photography exhibition – have no idea what the exhibition was called…that’s quite bad. Two students particularly had strong commitment to the Final Major project and photography in general.

_Z1A8735WEEK23 b

The photos below particularly interesting as the set was built from scratch on the Hull School of Art&Design grounds and off course – the amazing hand crafted frames.
_Z1A8732WEEK23 b_Z1A8733WEEK23 b


The week was literally flying by and on Saturday I had a moment of truth – I have only been to the Degree Show. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH OF CULTURE.

I went through the Hull City Of Culture 2017 website for some inspiration for the day, but was not feeling very social – sometimes I really fancy some quite photo journeys.
Just opposite the St Andrews Quay in West Hull there is the metal sculptures. I pass them at least once a week, wanting to stop, but never do….and I figured that it could be my finishing touch to the WEEK 23 of the challenge.

_Z1A8809WEEK23 b

“Peter’s Lost Trawlermen’s Memorial at St Andrew’s Quay is a poignant tribute to those who lost their lives at sea” – description on Hull City Of Culture 2017 website.

I was taking photographs of a group of people carved in metal kind of knowing about the possible connection with the fishing heritage in Hull and celebrations around it.
But little that I knew that this is part of a big celebration and part of the Hull 17 programmeFishing Heritage Talks: An Evening with Alec and Peter is only one part of the 17-day festival of celebration in honour of Hull’s fishing heritage.

At least I can say that I appreciated the incredible sculpture to the fullest and explored in detail. As the sculptures are life size – Melanie could not help to be part of the art – and I can’t really blame her. We had fun and the people passing by wondered what the heck is going on there.

_Z1A8826WEEK23 b_Z1A8818-PanoWEEK23 b_Z1A8817WEEK23 b

That unplanned photo shoot might be a potential selling point, so people who did pass  might come for a closer look and spread the word.

_Z1A8829WEEK23 b_Z1A8828WEEK23 b_Z1A8831WEEK23 b


There has been some great shots with the sculpture on Instagram photo groups with star trails, amazing sunsets/sunrises in the background, but I think I’ve done a good job with the summer look.

_Z1A8811WEEK23 b

This week I am planning on few things:
Now Then 


ARTLINK HULL and the DOG BASKET BABOON by Oliver Macdonald

BUT BECAUSE I AM TRAINING/PREPARING FOR THE HULL 10K I will see how my plan works out.
There is also a must do on my list which is to visit key Hull areas and spend some time absorbing the landmarks, people and general “happyhullbeing”


Another Hull City Of Culture 2017 week has gone by – for me it sometimes feels like I am unaware of so many things happening and my challenge is becoming content-less.

My excuses are workload and prioritising/juggling the life of newly established photographer.

This week I wanted to pay a visit to Artlink Hull, capture some people action in Queen Victoria square and Film&Talk: Dancing with Strangers:From Calais to England [unfortunately I exchanged this activity for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with family].

On Friday I also went down to Hull University for Death Cafe. From a professional/personal point the gathering was so important. For those who have been following me are aware of my photographic END OF LIFE CELEBRATIONS project. The project touches my heart strings, I don’t think that I have ever had such a deep affection with what I am doing as that, so it was good to be surrounded by people who don’t think I am a weird bird. I was also able to reflect on importance of the subject of end of life and death in our lives and that the imagery I have taken has got an original quality.

_Z1A5993WEEK19 b

The event took place in Derwent building, so I was thrown into this beautiful world of picturesque scenes. For that reason I thought I’ll try and capture some more and celebrate the cityscape of Hull.


Artlink Hull was hosting a Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary Shortlist, weeks before the winner exhibits a single exhibition.

Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary offers a bursary and three month residency at high profile gallery to mid-career disabled visual artists based in the UK.

_Z1A5986WEEK19 b
Anna Berry
_Z1A5988WEEK19 b
Anna Berry
_Z1A5978WEEK19 b
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I found that this exhibition was quite intimate and with a lot of personal reflections, so enjoyed it with my eyes, rather than behind the lens.

My favourite was Aidan Moesby’s Syndrome (ii). His work explores the Lima And Stockholm Syndromes. For me it was a throwback to the years when I was trying really hard to understand chemistry and the Periodic Table. What the artist has done – every element has a emotion/feeling underpinned and that is what I was feeling when going through it for exams and stuff.
It was a lovely reminder of why I have gone into photography.

_Z1A5989WEEK19 b

Artlink Hull is a very lovely space with lovely members of staff, so I hope I can go back in the future for some exciting things.

Over the weekend I managed to get out for a bit and I was rewarded – the light seemed to adjust to what I would like to see. It was like I was in control of it.
_Z1A5933WEEK19 b_Z1A5955WEEK19 b

_Z1A6011WEEK19 b_Z1A6007WEEK19 b

It is valuable to see the ever changing city in a good light – we all look better when we are lit with light the right way.


This week I am super excited to be going to Depart on Saturday, so that will most likely be my highlight. But if I can I will squeeze in a visit to Ground down Beverley Road, cos that has been on my wishlist for weeks, also the The Train Track and Basket – Claire Barber is on my list.



British seaside at its best

The British seaside is a fantastic place, it is multipurpose entertainment and pleasure to the eye. For those who enjoy the sun-sea-sand-ice-cream-kids-dogs-beers-exposed body fat and million other things. And for those who just jump in the British culture madness and witness the beauty of it, the bizarreness of it and just wonder around absorbing the surroundings.

British famed photographers  Martin Parr and Peter Dench have indulged in the British seaside for many decades. They wonder around the beach and intrude personal spaces and create a collage of British seaside scenery. Bold and saturated colours, weird angles and obvious presence is the key to success for them…what has changed now?

Last weekend I just had to get away from the duties of photographing, celebrating and writing about “end of life”.

Last weekend was the first HOT WEEKEND when I finally realized that May has sneaked up on me and summer is knocking on the door.

My mood was slightly aggressive and pissed off, as I was not getting the results from “life” as I would like. And I think that was the reason why I did not care about pointing my camera into peoples faces and their tongues sticking out to have a lick on their melting ice creams. I thought if I can sneak around bushes in grave yards, I can certainly do this…
And I loved every bite [bit] of it… so relaxing to be “that kind of a photographer”



My friend, who’s British have said to me that looking at Peter Dench Ibiza photographs makes her feel ashamed to be British. Whereas I find it revealing and funny. It is always good to be able to laugh about yourself, see the “dark side” and admit that we all have one.

Does Parr’s “Last Resort” is making British to be ashamed to be British or dead fucking proud?

I am proud to be living in Britain, be Latvian and take every bite out of this fascinating culture.

Thank you Britain for making me laugh, live, love.