Final Prints+Postcard Design+Promotional Video/Poster

The day before we had to go to Ditto4Design I had to make sure I have three final images and a postcard design.

The decision making was really difficult process, as I did not think I have reached a point where I have my final images, but time was running out.

In order to help with the selection, I created a Final Image Sheet. To have all images in one layout hopefully will help. I also sent the file to people who’s opinion I highly value and who are informed about my project, for them to pick three favourites.

Here are the final selection:

anetes final 21 b

I picked them by looking on things like:

  • photographic/aesthetic elements
  • what will make an impact printed big
  • what will shock people
  • images that are reflecting the initial project idea
  • what could be appealing to viewers, mostly British
  • what sells my project
  • what sells my photographic skill set and “talent”

Here are the votes [red dots]:

anetes final 21 b col

There was a definite favourite – one the first images I took in Latvia. Funeral crashing. The main benefit was that the image would look impressive printed on A0, it also has got good composition, the editing helps to draw the eyes in to the old lady holding flowers and has a personal, important meaning to me.


Further selection was even more difficult.
I changed my mind for a few times.
But I choose the Momento Mori and Alison arranging her family belongings and early morning grave yard bench.
I tried to listen to my gut and I think the choice was genuine.

We had to prepare the prints before hand so that they are all 300px and A0 size. The quality had to be outstanding due to the A0 size.


Postcard design and the image selection for that was another struggle.

Camera360_2016_6_9_112443 1

I had a clear idea that I want the back side of the postcard to be like a proper postcard with white background and clean, slim letters.

This is one of the examples I liked, when researching the possible designs:

2016-05-11 (1)

For the front – I planned to do a collage of selection of final images. But it was very tricky to arrange them neatly, as they are all different sizes and formats – landscape, square, portrait…ahh.

I designed the back first and was really happy with the result.

And THANK GOD for the InDesign skills gained earlier this year.
+Thank you to AJR Photographs for creating a template so that we all have the same size postcards.

2016-05-10 (2)

The front design was a pain in the back side, so I just arranged the images, so they line up with each other.



So after few hours of decision making I had my postcards ready for printing.

Postcard-Template ANETESOODA

2016-06-10 (1)


We also had to have image selection [six each] for the promotional video. Video was to be created by Erin Ridsdale and all we had to do is to make our minds about the images we want to be seen on the big TV screen alongside the exhibition.

The reasonable choice was the remaining images from the Final Image Selection Sheet.

One last thing we had to do – promotional posters. Initially we thought that we will use Creative Future Module Brief “Still Life Photographs representing Final Major Project” outcome, but as a group we struggled to submit enough images to AJR Photographs, so between us we had two poster choices.

I was thinking of that one image that is a “poster material” and this was the choice:

0Z1A2394bpidsea b

As I have mentioned in previous posts, this image represents the End Of Life in a single concept. And the image is neutral and text can be added. This could also be a suitable image for a Facebook Page title image that I will eventually create.


So here are the posters:


Thank you AJR Photographs for all the hard work towards the branding and posters. As always, you have been amazing.

The next day we all went down to Ditto4Design and spent loads of money :]


This was kind of the most important days apart from the upcoming Degree Show, as we are committing to our final images and they will be evaluated at the show….


Feels good….


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