Hedon Road Cemetery and other crazy ideas

Just days before the deadline for the final image selection, I continued with the “desperate measures” theme.

I drive past Hedon Road Cemetery four times a week and it is always the same thought – what a line up – Hull prison, cemetery and a family home to someone. What a weird combination.
During my travels around cemeteries I never thought of stopping, until this day.

I had a good feeling that this cemetery is a hidden gem – it looks like an old and forgotten grave yard, covered in hundred years old tree arch.

And I was kind of right. That day was quite busy, so I didn’t had a lot of time, but I tried to find something that I haven’t seen in other cemeteries.

It was the old and unknown that fascinated me in this cemetery. There was a lot of derelict grave stones, already swollen by the nature, some still fighting against the gravity.

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It was also very peaceful and quiet. I felt like I am in the middle of nowhere, although the area has got industrial buildings and busy road close.


It really felt like something special and “one of a kind”.

I continued my walk and discovered area with new graves and could see acres of more. I restricted myself to the certain point, because of the time limit. Even the newest graves had something special about them, it felt like this cemetery is in a different league.


It was certainly different and worth coming back.

There was quite a lot of images, but I kept the ones that really had a story or composition.

The image below is kept for further development. This is what it looks like from the entrance, but it is missing a story to be told. So I think I could split the image in half and create my own “grave yard” on the one side and keep the other as it is.
Photo editing and content to be discussed…



Other crazy ideas

Going back to the desperate measures, I thought I could go through the Bereavements section in the local paper and do a bit of a research of how people publicly pay their respects, what is the information on the announcement.

I picked out the most informative ones  – I was looking for that extra that people are willing to go.


This one has got a “colourful clothing/accessories”  – it might mean that the person was jolly and happy and they want the funeral to reflect that.


This one really made me smile – A Service Of Celebration for Eric’s Life – THANK YOU. This is what I  have been trying to say with my project. So people can be aware and admit that the funerals are the celebration ceremonies, just of a different kind.



If only people could allow me to send the same message across with my presence at the funeral and allow to take photographs that will last FOREVER as a memory.

That one last crazy thing

I started to think – am I that desperate to crash a funeral in the UK?


If only I did not appear on the local paper/radio and TV, I could possibly get away with that.

But I am risking with my reputation, so I scrapped the idea.
Another idea replaced the previous – what if I could arrive at the cemetery just hours before the funeral and photograph the preparation…and maybe if I discover that it happens the day before, visit grave yard at the night time and photograph the hole in the ground lit by a spooky moonlight….

I might.
We will see.

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