Press release to Hull Daily Mail

After discussion with John Gilbert and making a conscious decision to take another step towards finding a potential funerals, I started to work on my press release.

I had to look up a few websites in addition to the template that I was given to get it perfectly right and get the article in the paper.

A complete guide to writing an effective press release – The Marketing Donut

What should go into a press release?

Answer the following questions about your news:

  • Who? Who are the key players — your company, anyone else involved with the product? Who does your news affect/who does it benefit?
  • What? What is new?
  • Why? Why is this important news — what does it provide that is different?
  • Where? Where is this happening/is there a geographical angle/is the location of business relevant?
  • When? What is the timing of this? Does this add significance?
  • How?How did this come about?


You need to get all the information into the first paragraph. The test of success is whether the story can be understood in its entirety if only the first paragraph was reproduced in print.

The second paragraph expands on information in the first, giving a bit more detail.  Often, the third paragraph provides a quote. The fourth paragraph outlines final information, such as referencing websites and ordering, or mentions other products in development, for example.

The plan was to focus on Funeral Photography in order to appeal potential families and people to allow me to photograph their funerals.

One really good tip from John was to write every thing in third person and quote myself in order to make publishers life dead easy and give more of a chance to get published. I also had to pick few good images that describe my project.

I was convinced that discussing my Latvian heritage and background was important too, because the idea has grown from my personal experience.

It was interesting  again to overcome the issue of not being able to describe my project in few words and have exact idea in words, but as the time was running out and  wanted the article in the same day as the radio show, I had to focus really hard and get the job done.

At the end, I was really pleased and proud. Another great experience to go through and from now on, I will be more confident to get in a story if needed published.

Here you can read the full document:

Press Release Hull Daily Mail

In order to reach someone directly, I had to ring up the News Desk and get a contact. Once I had that I send the Press Release and few hours later Ben Blosse rang me back for a quick chat.
I was really pleased to hear that he thinks that the story is worth publishing and I have done a lot of work for him. He asked me to talk through the project, my background, so I did.
Again I was not particularly prepared to discuss the project – the communication is still lacking, but I think I nailed it at the end. At the end of the day – I am lucky to be truly passionate about the project, everything comes from me and my crazy mind. So the communication is just one thing I need to be working on.

To my happy surprise the next day, just before the radio show I was in the paper!

Hull Daily mail Anete Sooda, Photographer


To my surprise, in the article there was a lot of repetetive information, but in a good light, positive and supportive. Although there was not a lot of text [info] from the press release, the reporter used information I gave him over the phone.

It was a good experience and gave me an insight of how its like when you are a local celebrity for a day [not really, I was just over the moon that my plan worked and I made the most out of the opportunity]

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