Email to photographer Colin Gray.

I have mentioned Colin Gray as part of my research previously and also stated that he inspired me to consider my project as photographically doable.

His personal project “In Sickness and in Health” has received world-wide recognition for all the right reasons.

It has showed the insight of being part of someone’s death, loved ones death in particular and sends a powerful message across about witnessing the end of life, grieving and absorbing what is happening through amazing and emotional photographs.

As Colin Gray website states:
““In Sickness and in Health” forms the final stages of “The Parents” series. Begun in 2000, it shows his parent’s deterioration and, ultimately, his mothers’ death. The hospital and church visits became more frequent, the ailments more serious, the drugs regime ever more complex. Whilst his father struggled with his new role as a carer, Gray found that his photographs helped make sense of the deterioration and loss he was experiencing. Having reached the age his parents were when he started the project, Gray now sees their history in his own future.”

You can look through photographs and his other projects on his official website:
Colin Gray


Colin Gray has been a reminder through out my project development how photographs can change the way we see the world and ordinary things around us.
I feel deeply every single image from series, I can relate to it in both ways -personally and professionally.
Also these series are inspiration to achieve the same reaction with my project.

In my future project development I will continue to refer back to Colin Gray and do more research.

But as for my current project direction, I was very keen to get advice from him of how to approach hospices and hospitals, people and organisations and in general see if he can share his views on death and end of life.
At first I just thought I will quickly brief my project, give the link to my blog and ask few questions, but as it turned out – I am only capable of writing essays.

Here you can read full document:


He replied the same night “Anete, there’s a lot to take in, will get back to you. Thanks for the kind comments”

It would be awesome to hear back from him so fingers crossed.

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