There was another thing I was hoping to avoid doing, but it was clear that only stepping out of my comfort zone will bring me the success [I am also referring back to the idea of applying for the radio show].

As I really wanted get access to funerals without braking the law or intruding someone’s deep and personal grief, I had to advertise myself as a free- funeral photographer. I understand that if this develops into a business aspect at some point I could charge, as any photographic services cost money, but for the project purpose I would love to be invited to photograph funerals as trials.

I went to Hull daily Mail website advertisement section and by a surprise I could not find a suitable section, where I could fit a rather strange [or specific] advert.

2016-05-02 (1)

I have to contact Hull Daily Mail and see if they will accept my request and help me to find suitable section.


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