Exhibition Planning – testing split batons and STICKALL glue with Steve from the workshop.

For our A0 prints we had to figure out safe and steady method of how we going to get the prints secured to the wall for the exhibition.

Last year we had the same type of prints 3 mm Foamboard and we used velcro. That was fairly cheap and easy, but the lesson learned – by moving velcro of the surface it comes of together with paint or whatever the decoration is.

As the downstairs space in Hull School of Art&Design is permanently used for exhibiting art, we cannot damage the white walls. Also Steve from the workshop takes the Degree Show seriously and professionally, so we cannot be messing about with velcro.

Steve has come up with split batons.

One part of the baton will be attached to the print and other – to the wall. Once both parts are attached, the prints will hook on the batons on the wall.
That means that we can work on both separately and when the exhibition comes, the hard work will be behind and hanging the prints will be the pleasing part.

But before we put ourselves through lot of work we had to test the split batons and STICKALL glue.


In the photos you can see Steve, me and split batons.

Once the batons glued, they had to be put under heavy pressure and I had to come back next day and see if it sticks together fine.

The next day it was good news – it was really secure and when we tried to remove the split baton, the wood split and part of it was still attached to the print.

So happy days!!!!

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