End of the week was again productive and busy. I had two meetings lined up- meeting with John Gilbert, part of the Hull 2020 Champions Clinics to discuss David Burns Show and “Before I Die” wall and quick meeting with David Burns Show producers to discuss details about the show.


In the meeting with John Gilbert, I had a “moment of truth” about the massive help Hull 2020 Champions have given to me so far to help me towards achieving my goals and get my project out to the public.

We discussed the potential conversation about my project and what are the focus points. John suggested to push this forward as a future business idea. To the question if that is even ethical to make money out of photographing death  I had to answer myself…If I can prove to people that photographing funeral is beneficial to the family and it will be part of celebrating a life left behind, I can surely say yes.

John suggested to write a press release to Hull Daily Mail about my Funeral Photography Project and try to get the article in the same day as the David Burns Show.

Great idea, but again – I’ve never written one and can I take another step towards public availability regards to my project?

John shared a template for press release and left the decision up to me.

In all fairness, in the meeting I thought – I better stick to the radio show as it is nerve racking already….

The cheery on the top was the further discussions about BEFORE I DIE WALL and that my enthusiasm has encouraged John and his team to get involved.

Really happy to know that I can inspire people to do something. Also great to know that they consider me to be able to make a space in my busy diary for a wall and that I am good enough photographer to get a title of Hull’s “Before I Die” wall official photographer.

The plan was to do a trial wall in upcoming YO-YO Festival and see what the response is like. As the festival was family friendly, culturally vibrant it was a great opportunity to test the wall.

You can read more about my collaboration with John Gilbert, eskimosoup and Hull 2020 Champions here:
Collaboration with John Gilbert/eskimosoup and Hull 2020 Champions


Quick meeting with Olivia, the producer of BBC Radio Humberside David Burns Show.

I met up with Olivia, because I needed to ask a few questions and see what they want to focus on.

Olivia had previously seen the document that describes the project and includes all photographs, so she was well aware of my project.
Here is the document, if you want to have a read through:
David Burns BBC Radio Humberside Talk Show application

Questions that I had prepared:

  • Does the show gets pre-recorded and edited?
    Always worried about the sound of my voice when recorded, so I was hoping to get some voice filters. Editing – how do they avoid any awkward moments, mistakes and other bits.
  • what is the overall nature of the show?
    I have to have certain bias when talking about my show and find the right approach.
  • Have they had none-English people on before?
    I am worried that people will make their observations straight after finding out about my nationality and their reaction will be different. If honest – I have forgotten how its like when people become a bit “racist”.
  • Can I take my camera and take a few pictures for visual proof.

Questions that they want to discuss on the show:

  • What do I think of Hull?
  • What is my project about?
  • My Latvian heritage influences.
  • Discuss my grandmothers photograph and others. Also bring these photos for Burnsy.
  • Cultural differences.

The meeting made me feel a lot more confident. I thought that I am as ready as I will ever be.

As previously discussed, I was hoping that my tutor Andy will come with me to the show, as he know my project, reasons behind the project and overall subject matter, he also has got interesting views on death and life.
Andy would also work as a nerve-relief and support if I struggle to speak or think.
But his availability was under a question mark and that was making me nervous.

A lot of great things are happening, I just need to embrace the moment and do my absolute best to succeed. I have a lot of supporters that will help me and inspire me, so I should not be worried.

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