As the David Burns show was highly recommended to me as a primary source and potentially could mould my project into a serious turning point, I decided to write a proposal and send it to David Burns production team.

I suddenly had to turn my ideas into words that make sense and helps people to understand what and why I am doing this.

I had to sell the idea and make it real, so that I can move forward with the project.

Going to the radio show had a specific angle – Funeral photography, so other little projects for that particular occasion was just added as an extra.

My main focus points had to be the funeral experiences growing up, recent discoveries of my family’s collection of funeral photographs and four days in Latvia when I photographed a funeral [crashed a funeral], went to the morgue and visited my family’s grave yard.

And then I had to explain my open minded views on photographing funerals, give an insight to my cultural views and differences. To introduce my project and ideas, I eased the subject into photographing funerals in the UK, taking account my previous experience in Latvia, cultural differences, taboo’s about talking about death and paying respects and see if I can find the answers to some questions.

The whole process of writing the material was like a roller coaster, I jumped from one subject to another and copy-pasted different paragraphs.

After four hours of intense brain-storming I was ready to send it to Andy, John Gilbert for a proof reading and second opinion.

To read the full document, click here:
David Burns BBC Radio Humberside Talk Show application


I also added photographs of my grandmother, selection of funeral photographs.
The images can tell more than thousand words, but as it will be broadcasted on the radio, people will not see the images and they are less likely to use their imagination to see where I am coming from.

But by adding the images to the document for the producers, will give them more of an understanding.

After proof reading and few suggestions how to improve the application, I sent it over to BBC Radio Humberside and it was official.

Few days later I got a phone call to see if we can discuss the radio appearance in detail and select a date.

I was over the moon that they got back to me with good news, they were interested I had a gut feeling that it might move the project to a different level, help me to over-come the communication issues and answer the most important question – is Hull ready for funeral photography and can we brake the silence and talk about death and paying the respects openly.

Few days later the reality kicked in and I started to feel the urge to cancel- was I ready to speak on the radio about this subject, can I say the right things and convince people listening that it is OK to speak about death and funerals. Can I persuade the listeners and get an invitation to some trial funerals? And prove that this is just another kind of celebration – celebration of a life lived??????

We will see……

In the next few days I will find out the date…..

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