Last weekend I was on my way to Withernsea and half way [or according to map 1/3] I shouted – GRAVEYARD. I was in the car with civilized people, so could not stop and wonder around.
But that occasion inspired me to travel around East Riding and Hull in a search for grave yards or cemeteries [let’s talk English].
The following week I started search of exact locations and prepared a map.

The purpose – as I have a clear understanding and knowledge around what Latvian graveyards look like and just rough idea about English graveyards, I have to visit them in order to understand the cultural difference and overall feel.

The understanding so far is – simple and tidy, grave stone and flowers. The areas are fairly big and there is a church or cemetery on the land as well.

I started with tracking down the graveyard on the way to Withernsea.


Next step was to go to other end of East Riding and spot the one I’ve seen few weeks back in South Cave.


In order to have more than two I used sources to locate others.

Hull City Council: Burials and cemeteries

East Riding and Yorkshire Council Cemeteries

I total I found seven that I would like to visit. But the ones in outskirts of Hull seem more attractive and also less crowded. First three [as seen in the map below] are my priorities for the day and others I will visit if have time or the research process is mind blowing and interesting and helps towards developing the slow-going project.

Hull area map

The outcome hopefully will be more than just research images and will lead me into finalizing some of my project points, such as cultural differences and trends in cemeteries.
I am hoping for quiet visits, not to be disturbed with questions or prohibitions to take photographs. I would not mind meeting an odd person and ask a few questions.


The top image recreation would be a dream come-true, but I more expect images shown below.

The list is ready, I plan to set up early [around 6/7 am] and the kit – Canon Mark III, 24-70 mm, 85 mm and speedlight [just in case].


NOTE: When preparing equipment I started to think if taking a photo-bag would make me more noticeable. Interesting point for a consideration.

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