Final Degree Show/ Exhibition Planning

Major part of working on Final Major Project is to have a photographic material for an exhibition that will be allocated on the ground floor of Hull School of Art&Design.

This week we have started to discuss exhibition in detail, most of the group taking part.

We have created a list of important aspects that need to be taken into account, deadlines and made some decisions regards to the use of space, material and presentation.

I have started to draft everything into a file, work is still in the progress.

We have decided that we will use Ditto4Design as our primary printers for photographs, potentially postcards and business cards.

Another reason for celebration is that we have negotiated space between ourselves and so far we are quite happy with the space each person has.


We have also divided jobs for each member of our group, for example my job is to sort out hanging method, talk to people who can help with that [Steve] and get the materials, such as STICK-ALL glue.

As for prints we have decided to print on 3 mm foam board, have A0 size prints and have a hanging system that compliments our prints and the space. The method found suitable and doable is called split batten method and will allow the prints to float rather than be hanged or attached directly to the wall.

We have also decided that we will continue to use the brand we created last year and we will name the exhibition “Lasting Impressions 2”. The decision seems reasonable as we already have a social profile and branding.

12804267_10154063382018474_377854542_n (1)

The discussion of external exhibition is still ongoing, but it is more likely that there will only be a few people taking part. This would be part of Creative Future module rather than part of Photographic Practice, therefore the discussion and all materials regards to that will be going under the Creative Future section.

There is more information on Final Major Page


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