The external exhibiting is just as important as internal exhibiting so this week not only that we looked at exhibition planning at the Hull School of Art&Design, but also considered and discussed external exhibiting.

We have had the discussion before as part of the Creative Futures module and we have been around few venues and wrote down potential places where to exhibit.
So far there are only three interested in taking part [including me], so the chances of having a similar size exhibition externally is small.

We have discussed this at Creative Future lectures and as a result there is a list of potential exhibiting spaces:

Heaven Independent Cafe
Union Mash Up
Thieving Harry’s
POP Gallery
Red Gallery
Kingston Art Group
Princess Quay.

We have also had a little nosy around places like Fruit, Thieving Harry’s, Red Gallery and Kingston Art Group.

The list have been reduced after the visits, because Red Gallery is closing, Thieving Harry’s although very nice place to be in, not suitable for exhibiting, the same applies to Fruit. The Kingston Art Group seems like a desired option, because the space is designed for exhibiting, it is located in a good area and the overall feels attractive.

Unfortunately, there is a big chance that the space is already taken for the beginning of June, as it is popular amongst local artists and only members can get access to the space.
We are prepared to join the membership and put ourselves forward for the exhibiting, but it will depend on their availability.

I still believe that exhibiting outside college and Final Major Show would be a great opportunity to gain the knowledge of exhibiting externally, show more photographic work and have the experience of independent exhibiting as a preparation for life after studies.

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