Coming back and looking at the work I have done was supper exciting, like I’ve just been to Disneyland.
This week we had to show how far we are with our projects and also discuss exhibition at Hull School of Art&Design.

I prepared slide show of the images and really wanted to share everything with other students and tutors, just to have an external opinion and see if this project can have the impact I would like to have.

This week I also gathered a list of research that I need to go through and document the outcomes in the blog.
So far the key sources are:

  • Audrey Linkman “Photography and Death”
  • The Photographers Gallery “Notes on Photography and Death: Mourning, Spectacle and Evidence.”
  • Gillo Dorfles “Religious trapping” -essay
  • Liz Wells “Photography, birth and death”  – chapter
  • Liz Wells “Post-family, post – photography” +Joe Spence
  • Frieze Magazine “Moments of Reprieve; Representing Loss in Contemporary Photography”
  • TVnet and Latvian Funeral materials – reflections – cultural research and personal experiences

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