Week 39 of the culture has been a bit on the difficult side, but despite that I have had culture ranging from live painting in the gallery to poem writing, Russian poetry to voice making in Pickering Park.

I returned to Hull late Tuesday, was working long day Wednesday and didn’t think I will recover sooner than the weekend or after a good sleep. But on Thursday I had the opportunity to see the Queens House Showcase run by CreativeENRG and the latest exhibition there, plus I was passing a culture spot in Princess Quay.

Queens House Showcase currently is exhibiting + live painting by artist Emma Garness, the exhibition titled SOMETHING IN-BETWEEN.

_Z1A8583WEEK39 b

The day was surprisingly warm and sunny and so was the artist, her smile lit up the room and her laugh welcomed people to stay and enjoy the paintings.
Throughout the time exhibiting, she is also live painting and all in all that makes this small showcase so special. Each painting is surrounded by the feeling of love, care and sweet, sweet memories.
The space also has bits and bobs that are creating home like feeling.

_Z1A8621WEEK39 b_Z1A8580WEEK39 b_Z1A8598WEEK39 b_Z1A8599WEEK39 b_Z1A8607WEEK39 b_Z1A8611WEEK39 b_Z1A8614WEEK39 b_Z1A8616WEEK39 b

The exhibition is closing soon – 6th October, so you have to hurry up!

Rushing to the Princess Quay car park after a long morning, I stopped by another culture spot that Princess Quay successfully offers in the recent year.

HULL GADA – THE SHOP OF POEMS – Polish poet Bohdan Piasecki and his collection of poems from Polish community gathered in his Pop-up Poetry Station across Hull.

_Z1A8632WEEK39 b

I am not the one for the poetry, but as this week was all about the spoken word and poetry festival CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, I wanted to engage and understand. And the HULL GADA – THE SHOP OF POEMS was a surprise to my brain. In a strange way I was relating to poems, like they have been written by me at some point in my immigrant life. I would slap anyone who would call me that with mean intentions, but at the end of the story – I am a immigrant looking for a better life. Grown up from the stage of a stranger in this country, I can reflect that I have always looked for a different life – not a better one. But yeah, it was interesting. I used to make the same promise to myself and my family that I will return, now I just know that when the time is right I will live in Latvia, but UK will always be my home nr. 2.

_Z1A8646WEEK39 b_Z1A8635WEEK39 b_Z1A8649WEEK39 b

As the CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE festival was continued to educate and please people, I was busy sorting my work/life out, so by the time I picked out my must-go’s the choice was narrow.


The Poetry Takeaway was an open event in Queens Gardens and ORBITA was performance from creative collective of Latvian poets writing in Russian.

_Z1A8679WEEK39 b

I was very late to the Queens Gardens The Poetry Takeaway, so I really didn’t get the sniff of what actually happened.

_Z1A8674WEEK39 b

However I took part in the poetry writing workshop for kids. I had a 10 year old with me, so that was the perfect camouflage. I had fun, but that’s it – I am not a poet in the blood.

_Z1A8654WEEK39 b_Z1A8661WEEK39 b_Z1A8668WEEK39 b

All of this was a very quick insight of what was for offer, but we had brilliant 15 min poetry experience with other participants and little cute lady [in the photo].

I have grabbed a random snap of poetry on the streets too, which I know I missed tickets to….

_Z1A8689WEEK39 b_Z1A8686WEEK39 b

I was really intrigued to see ORBITA, of course because they come from Latvia and I rarely or never have been to an event of this kind.

First impression – travels back in time, to some Latvian bloke’s garage where he keeps is radio collection around 1999.

_Z1A8700WEEK39 b The sounds of the radio waves, sound snippets from Latvian or Russian news, old songs and Justin Bieber’s recent song DespasitoThen the poetry started to flow, complimenting the sounds [or other way round]. The poems where read in Russian, translated in English on the screen [with few delays], so it was a multi-all experience.

It was the feeling of home, of my high school days, of my Russian friends, my lack of Russian and seeing Latvians performing in a venue that I usually attend for a good laugh – comedy. Bizarre, bizarre….

_Z1A8706WEEK39 b_Z1A8703WEEK39 b_Z1A8727WEEK39 b

On Sunday it was the case of doing all the unfinished jobs for the week, home class cooking, so I didn’t think there is more space for culture. But then I remembered about the VOICE PARK ad that it is the last day to see it.

_Z1A8746WEEK39 b

There are no regrets that I went out on a rainy day to see the VOICE PARK in the Pickering Parks Pool.

It was really cool you know – seeing kids and grownups making strange noises, me including. The laughs and the curious faces/ears running around the pools, making connection with geared up speakers… believing that they need to be stroked and loved before communicating.

_Z1A8756WEEK39 b_Z1A8832WEEK39 b

I enjoyed the experience and most definitely discovered an inner camel [donkey, whale, cat] because of the noises that come out of my mouth. The children seemed to be extremely pleased – everything is accessible and no restrictions – as loud and often as you wish.

To make it more fun – we gave away our voices and sounds to the future collections and got a magic liquid that makes your words important.

_Z1A8781WEEK39 b_Z1A8788WEEK39 b_Z1A8793WEEK39 b_Z1A8799WEEK39 b_Z1A8813WEEK39 b_Z1A8816WEEK39 b_Z1A8821WEEK39 b_Z1A8838WEEK39 b_Z1A8865WEEK39 b_Z1A8871WEEK39 b_Z1A8880WEEK39 b_Z1A8883WEEK39 b_Z1A8891WEEK39 b




P.S. Were you near a phone box at 2 PM yesterday for the 2097: WE MADE OURSELVES OVER? I wasn’t because I thought it is today #its2097fail

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