Now just days away from returning to Hull after two weeks of living in a different world. As I was away from the British, from the culture last week, on the 30th week I can reflect on the challenge, culture in Hull and my relationship with Great British.

Every year I come home, Latvia for lengthy holiday with my family, friends, life and memories. Seven years away from Latvia has been beautifully changing, but sad at the same time.

Last year on return I started my HOME GLORY photo series, celebrating my origins, land of everything beautiful and people.

My life, especially social, is often lived through the lens, so coming home with a similar mindset is rather interesting. I mix pleasure with work, being completely off the routines back in the UK.

Half way on holiday I managed to drop my phone in the loo, so I lost that quick access to social media and quite honestly – interest in having one. So odd glimpse of culture in Hull made me realise that I am missing out on bloody loads, but it was not a regret. [this next line is the most important in this post]

Hull is not silent, it is bursting with potential perfect photographs celebrating culture,people, places and important stories. Therefore I feel like my Hull 2017 challenge is my welcome call back home, to Hull. And yes, I have two homes, so I am incredibly lucky, each home offering me something different to “rub on” my self-esteem and ego.

Hull is AMAZING and this year I my relationship with the city has improved – we are totally in love.

On my return work waits, there is a lot of work with culture and with various clients, so there will be no rest until end September.

Just before I left, on the notes if reflections I visited the reflective patios in Old town opposite Hull Trinity Church. The mirrored bits of pavement is another photo-must-take, usually with planning and patience. For me – visual document. For now…

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P. S. Get cultured and love Hull.

3 thoughts on “MY CITY OF CULTURE – MY HULL – WEEK 30

  1. Hi Anete,

    We met a while ago at the Death Cafe hosted at the University of Hull, and we had some discussion about the Remember project which I am working on.

    I would really like to encourage you to submit an abstract for an exhibit for our conference next year.

    The call is currently open and closes on the first of September.

    Details and the submission form can be found here:



    1. Hello Yvonne.
      Thank you for the message.

      I was wondering if I could have your email address to get in touch. I might need a bit of guidance to apply, I looked at the form and there are some bits I am not too sure of.

      Thank you
      Anete Sooda


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