Week 6 of the City Of Culture 2017 has been very exciting for me. I don’t know if that was because I found the pub out of town in Hull that thinks it has the most culture, or if it was the company of fellow photographer imagesaremoments  when visiting  .

At the beginning of the week I was in a hunt for the Ye Olde White Harte and the famous skull.

I must admit that I am embarrassed to say that I had to google-map myself there and  I DID NOT KNOW THAT THE PLACE EXIST.


The beer garden is a bit magic and the pub is full of character.


I questioned the bar staff girls [lovely ladies] about the skull and it turns out it is a real skull found on the premises. It is assumed that it is a 19 year old girl…So the characters of the pub and potential ghost presences are even more fascinating.


As there was a staff meeting and I was literally getting in the way, I only took a quick snap of the skull and left with a promise to come back for a pint one day.



As I made my work to work, I was armed to look for “culture” in outskirts of Hull.


And then I found a pub… that states it has the most culture of them all.


Inkermann from outside looks awesome. It is like a gem in the middle of nowhere and must be the place for the locals.

And there are stories behind the pub and the “massage salon” next door….

The reason why all this is on my blog WEEK 6, is simple – when I am looking, I find these fascinating places and people in Hull. And you certainly need to know about it. Cos it is not just the main events of City of Culture we celebrate, we celebrate little things as well.

The next day I headed to Hull University and Brynmor Jones Library to see the Lines of Thought – A British Museum Touring Exhibition at Hull University .

I invited a fellow photographer Sergej/imagesaremoments  to join me and we entered the world of posh study area and the coolest library seen.

Exhibition was very well attended for a Wednesday daytime.


I was impressed with the some of the drawings and also maybe discovered the first abstract/illusion drawing.


Next door there was another exhibition. Sometimes I don’t pay attention to where I go, so all I know it was a Hull University collection….


When we were finished with the stationary art, we had to have a look around the recently refurbished library. As a graduated student, I think that the library is the perfect place where to have a little time with books and all the work you have to do. And the facilities are beautiful.



No excuse not to be a good student.


imagesaremoments was appreciating the architecture and all’ so we got a permission to go upstairs and see the beautiful view from the 7th floor of the library. I was stunned by the views and the environment students can access to study. WOW.

We also had a walk around the Hull University grounds, imagesaremoments shared his passion for buildings and architecture in general.


imagesaremoments look at the buildings in a very different way then I do. I witnessed the passion for it and the way he photographs every bit of “excitement”.



So yeah, interesting week and I shall look forward to next ventures.

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