Last week I was asked to photograph an event that is part of Freedom Festival’s 2016 programme and aims to encourage and educate people from outskirts of Hull to get to know Freedom Festival.
Bransholme is one of the areas of Hull that love to “stay in” and we brought a little taster of Freedom Festival to the North Point Shopping Centre to giving people the opportunity to find out about the festival and potentially visit Hull centre in September.

I do believe in the idea of bringing all communities together and share the experiences in order to celebrate Hull’s people – we are great. Therefore I was super keen to get involved and really  – get to know Bransholme.

Hull Strum is an art installation that invites people to pick up a guitar or ukulele and have a strum – it does not matter if you’ve never had one in your hand. Across Freedom Festival there will be around eight stages made out of upright boats and a little stage for people to express themselves.

Also, as part of the two day event, Freedom Festival organised AWESOME face painter. The super talented lady attracted many kids and made them look “out of this world-ace”

Both days we also had a “proper” musician Ryan Mathie, a local chap that once went on X Factor to represent the talent of Hull.
He performed for 40 min both days, inviting people to gather around and be inspired.
The most precious moments in both days we withnessed when kids joined Ryan on stage and tried playing the guitar/ukulele as brilliantly as Ryan did.



Friday was quite busy and we met a lot of great people, spread the word about the festival, entertained kids, got some faces painted and sprung some strings.


Saturday was not as busy in the early part of the event, as there was quite a lot of family friendly activities in Hull. The positive side of Saturday was that we introduced quite a lot of curious people, those who potentially will come and bring the family with them.
Of course, there was smiles, painted faces, strum and string, laughs and good spirit.



We think we did a good job. We are hoping that people will be keen and curious to see what the Freedom Festival can offer and will join us on from the 2.- 4. September.

See you at the festival!!!!!


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