Beginning of March I was part of something very special – Stand Up Comedy @Fruit to raise funds for Joy Attwood’s Justgiving page so she can fulfil her bucket list dream of seeing the Northern Lights.

Joy was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told that she is dying. The dream of seeing the Northern Lights and have the last holiday with her family was what she wanted the most, so Jed Salisbury, the director of Hull Comedy Festival decided to put on a gig – to celebrate Joy and raise money to fulfill her dream.

Jed is really good comedy-friend of mine and to contribute as well I wanted to capture the event.

Joy really liked Live Naked Idiots, so they were headlining, also The worlds only bomb disposal comedian Steve Rimmer, The finest comedian of Bransholme estate David Smith and Jed’s good friend Andy Woolston on the line up. And off course hosted by Jed.

Seriously heart warming, beautiful and precious.

My highlight was the support overall from the public, comedians and the honours to capture some family photos after the gig.

Sadly Joy passed away last week. She died peacefully surrounded by her family. Tributes have been paid and I think that publishing these photographs reminds about the good times Joy had.

During the night I witnessed strong family bond, a lot of love and joy.


Thank you Joy for reminding of how precious life is, how precious our family is. My condolences to family and friends for this sad loss.





I haven’t been as fortunate to travel loads, but when I was in Crete, I made the most of it.
From the moment we arrived to the moment when we drank the tap water in Xania airport [comes free] before leaving I was completely inlove with the island.

My advice – travel with your gut, off or just before the season, take loads of photos and record small videos of breath taking moments, because when you leave, it all seems like a dream.

Speak to locals, shop locally, drink loads of good vine and eat good food, have early mornings and long walks on a night in the city.

Don’t be afraid to get lost, loose your shoes and leave sand from the beach in your bags and pockets.

Have the craziest car journeys and climb the mountains that you are scared off.

“Baah” with the wild mountain sheep’s and they will “baah” back to you like you are having a conversation, stroke every stray cat/dog and feed your rooster leftovers to the cafe owners dog.


Crete was perfect. Four days of perfection. I will never forget the time spent there.

The gallery layout is a bit cheesy – sorry. I turned into a soft cheese myself whilst editing and writing this post.


Freedom Festival 2016

Freedom Festival 2016

Time has passed since the Freedom Festival, but it is never too late to share some great moments and re live the festival.



WARNING – there is nearly 200 photos, so before you decide to open the gallery and re live the festival, prepare a cup of tea and a bowl of biscuits.


I will keep the the reading to the minimum, so that you have the chance to indulge in the moments.

Massive thanks to Freedom Festival for trusting me with this big and important job, it was my honour to be the official photographer amongst great talent, such as Thomas Arran and Neil Holmes.

I was photographing the festival across three days – performances, music, theatre, people and moments.

My highlight was definitely Les Commandos Percu and Deabru Beltzak Danbor Talka: Clash of Drums on Friday night and Saturday daytime, when everyone embraced the rain and enjoyed the festival.

Looking back at the photographs, especially from the night time – the festival has been a learning curve and I have so much space where to develop.

I have recognised a strong Parr and Dench influence when I look at people and moments through the lens. I am drawn to human kind being awkward at times, honest, happy, beautiful, clumsy, innocent and guilty…I celebrate people.

The Freedom Festival this year has been incredible – it was distributed well across very significant and beautiful areas of Hull, it had wide range of art available to different kind of people and it was engaging.
I certainly feel like I was part of something really good, something that is so “Hull”.

I hope you enjoyed the festival and are ready for next year- 10th anniversary of Freedom Festival.

If you would like to enjoy festival from different points of view visit here:

Freedom Festival 2016 Highlights


Freedom Festival 2016 on Flickr


SO…Have you got the supplies ready?



Last week I was asked to photograph an event that is part of Freedom Festival’s 2016 programme and aims to encourage and educate people from outskirts of Hull to get to know Freedom Festival.
Bransholme is one of the areas of Hull that love to “stay in” and we brought a little taster of Freedom Festival to the North Point Shopping Centre to giving people the opportunity to find out about the festival and potentially visit Hull centre in September.

I do believe in the idea of bringing all communities together and share the experiences in order to celebrate Hull’s people – we are great. Therefore I was super keen to get involved and really  – get to know Bransholme.

Hull Strum is an art installation that invites people to pick up a guitar or ukulele and have a strum – it does not matter if you’ve never had one in your hand. Across Freedom Festival there will be around eight stages made out of upright boats and a little stage for people to express themselves.

Also, as part of the two day event, Freedom Festival organised AWESOME face painter. The super talented lady attracted many kids and made them look “out of this world-ace”

Both days we also had a “proper” musician Ryan Mathie, a local chap that once went on X Factor to represent the talent of Hull.
He performed for 40 min both days, inviting people to gather around and be inspired.
The most precious moments in both days we withnessed when kids joined Ryan on stage and tried playing the guitar/ukulele as brilliantly as Ryan did.



Friday was quite busy and we met a lot of great people, spread the word about the festival, entertained kids, got some faces painted and sprung some strings.


Saturday was not as busy in the early part of the event, as there was quite a lot of family friendly activities in Hull. The positive side of Saturday was that we introduced quite a lot of curious people, those who potentially will come and bring the family with them.
Of course, there was smiles, painted faces, strum and string, laughs and good spirit.



We think we did a good job. We are hoping that people will be keen and curious to see what the Freedom Festival can offer and will join us on from the 2.- 4. September.

See you at the festival!!!!!



On the 16th of July more than one amazing things took place.
THE HULL PRIDE was planned to be the biggest in Hull so far, second BEFORE I DIE WALL was set up by Eskimosoup and I was going to my annual summer visit to Latvia.
It was an outrageous day, as I had to be up early to help and photograph for setting up the wall, edit and blog the photographs from the morning activities, pack suitcases and tidy my house and never the less – photograph the THE HULL PRIDE and BEFORE I DIE WALL …… I thought I did bloody well, because at the end I actually did not miss my plane and was alive.

First – apologise for making promises I can’t keep. When I arrived in Latvia, on the first few days I could not find software and the rest is history…

I am not worried, because events like THE HULL PRIDEand BEFORE I DIE WALL has left a legacy and the point made will last for a long time.

THE HULL PRIDE was inspiring and I had a smile on my face at all times. The pride really represented freedom, diversity and good spirit. People looked ever so happy and proud to be part of the movement.




I followed the parade from Queens Gardens to stage area near Fuel. The wall was suited in the pride “party” area and as soon as the parade finished, I was rushing down to see what has happened to the wall…


Already before the party started, the wall was full of people’s thoughts about what would they wish to do before they die.
It was a beautiful view, I was so proud of the fact that Eskimosoup and I have done a great job and got people involved.

Sometimes we need a platform of a strange kind to say what we can’t say to anyone else. Do we dare to think about our lives in these terms and consider the fact that one day we all pass away.


Different kinds of people got involved, the wall was popular and the messages were inspiring.

If we take in account that 95% of the messages are genuine and people truly mean what they write, we can see what is on societies mind….. A lot of travelling requests, political wishes and little life goals..

The image above seems quite strange, as the film industry often associate God or Jesus as those that can fulfill our wishes, but actually it is the people’s dedication, motivation and hard work that will make these writings a reality.

As I was leaving half way, the wall continued to blossom during the event and I hope people enjoyed to be part of this.


Massive thank you to Eskimosoup and Jenni for the efforts, time and work. I feel honoured to be able to collaborate and photograph the wall.



If you think that the wall is awesome and you have suggestions where we could do the next BEFORE I DIE WALL, please let us know by commenting below, or Facebook us.