HIP Gallery: OSHOMI; Close To Abstract

On Saturday I also had a chance to visit Hull International Photography Gallery and exhibition by Oshami “Close To Abstract”

0Z1A4074OSHOMI b0Z1A4076OSHOMI b

First things first – the new gallery space looks amazing, all done by amazing volunteers at POP and HIP Galleries. Love the carpet.

The exhibition itself at first doesn’t seem anything that I haven’t seen previously, but when taking my second circle around the gallery, images seem to change, the content looks different..By the end I was almost playing a guessing game with the photographs.

It is important that photograph gives the space for imagination and the artist has definitely achieved that.
Also exhibition is beautifully presented.

If you are interested, visit here for more info:
Close To Abstract by Oshami, HIP gallery, Princess Quay

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