’17 Fountain @Hull School of Art&Design

The opening event for ’17 Fountain took place on the 4th of June at Hull School of Art&Design, right next to the “Lasting Impressions” .

I have heard about the project few weeks ago, so on Saturday I had a chance to speak with the team, have a look at some souvenir urinals, representing/celebrating 200 years anniversary of Armitage Shanks and Marcel Duchamp submitting a urinal to the New York Society of Independent Artists for exhibition.

You can read more information and get all the application forms to submit your own project proposal:

’17 Fountain

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I have looked at Marcel Duchamp’s in the past as one of the most fascinating moves from an artist to challenge the viewer.
When I was researching about Pop Art and Kitsch for my dissertation, I had a sense that Marcel Duchamp has stated to raise questions first – what is art.

I also appreciate that the celebration of this anniversary is taking place and new emerging artists can make their mark in the world of arts.

I am currently considering to apply for the project and write a proposal, but I am not quite sure what exactly I can offer.

I would like to connect this to my “death” themed project, but I have to sit down and look at the options.

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