Today is probably one of the most happiest and saddest days of the whole three years of the course.

I have changed and evolved as a person through all three years and today I feel sad. I am ready to go out in the “real world” but I am not ready to say goodbye to those fantastic people hat been alongside me, seen my ups and downs and given me the strength to become a PHOTOGRAPHER.
At the beginning of my second year, I told one of my tutors that I want to change the world with my talent via photographs. Really cheesy and naive goal to have at this decade.
And now at the end of my third year I have publicly announced that I am a photographer – LIVE/LOVE/CHANGE LIFE.
And I will. Eventually.

My Final Major Project has been a challenge from the start, but with a bit of a laugh and piss take and than with a few serious considerations, I have travelled around different areas of End Of Life celebrations, worked on different subjects, even been to Latvia.

0Z1A3668walk b

It feels like should have a conclusion by today, I have to be finished with the project. But I can’t close this chapter just yet.

The “End Of Life” project will carry me through summer and I have big plans for the future.

Today Hull School of Art&Design Degree Show Opens at 6 pm.

BA (Hons) Photography “Lasting Impressions” Exhibition is big part of the degree show.

Hope to see you there!

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