The final steps in to finishing this course – prepare and organise the exhibition.

The group really showed the commitment and team spirit and we all arrived to unwrap the prints and start measuring,  gluing split batons and getting images down to the exhibition space.

We did all the work over the course of two/three days. Teachers and the group did all the hard work. We had to measure the backs and draw the lines for the split batons, etch both – the print and the batons, so that the glue can seal in better and attach the batons to the print. Then we had to let them dry for 24 hrs.
As we previously tested everything, the work was efficient and fairly quick.

0Z1A3746PREP  B0Z1A3745PREP B0Z1A3737PREP B0Z1A3732PREP B0Z1A3730PREP B0Z1A3754PREP B

Other job was to attach the batons to the wall, also measuring the correct height. That was more of a job for our male teachers as no one was trusted with the drill ha.
We also had to paint few bits of wall.

As all the preparation was done few days later, all we had to do was to hook the prints,  settle the table and postcards, description cards [see below] and place the video into the TV.

info sheet Anete Sooda b

These were created based on a one story about the group and the BA (Hons) Photography course and individual information about each student/photographer and their project.


We we all ready and excited.

Thank you to the group, we all done well, it’s been good three years.

0Z1A3739PREP B
From left: Natalie Hill, Gina Watts, Laura Senior, Alison Robison, me, Erin Ridsdale. Aimee is missing in the picture, but she’s been part of the group since the beginning.


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