South Cave Cemetery re-visit

My plan was to re-visit South Cave Cemetery in a weeks time, because I was hoping to get the cherry blossoms to compliment already beautiful landscape.

I was also armed with Sigma 12-24 mm just to be sure that I can photograph the church and get more in the frame.

At the arrival it was heavily raining and to my disappointment – no cherry blossoms. So I had a quick wiz to the church. This time I was able to spend some time with it – touch the walls and get the feel of the history.

0Z1A3127 b

For whatever reason, that day was not the day when to take stunning images. I can compare it with bad hair day, when your hair is just not looking right..

On my way back to the car, I spotted the plaques in the ground that created this beautiful pattern.


I shall see if I can get them cherries next time.



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