“DESPERATE LUNCH” or Auto-elicitation

Last week in the lecture we all had a task – figure out what is photo-elicitation and auto-eliciation.

All my precious research and thought process is in the Final Major page – https://anetesooda.wordpress.com/final-major-and-other-projects/

I have named my photo series “desperate lunch”.

As I choose my subject matter, I thought about the memories now and in the future.

For the past month and a bit I have been volunteering in the POP/HIP Galleries in the Princess Quay Shopping Centre.

0Z1A4920 B

For my schedule it means no cooking or home made lunch on the go. Not enough time and the effort needs to go in to my work anyway. So I usually have to grab lunch from Herby’s sandwich shop [other brands available]. And it is not what I would call a healthy lunch.

0Z1A4944 B

First is the apple. I’m still holding to the old habit of having as much fruit and veg as I can, so apple is always in my bag.

And than the SANDWICH.

0Z1A4955 B 0Z1A5012 b

If being specific – ham, Applewood cheese and tomato chutney, with salad on bread that is full of rubbish carbs.

The little story behind this is a bit sad for me. Year and a half ago, I changed my relationship with food quite dramatically, only because I needed a fresh start. And good, healthy food become my passion and interest. From a foodie to a nearly vegan and super, super healthy. And not because it was trending on social media, but because I changed the way I thought about food.

Our body is a machine and food is the fuel. No person will fill the tanks of their cars with a white spirit and expect to have a smooth ride. The same is with the food. You need the right food for your body, so it can run on its best capability.

So the sandwich triggers memories of how I ate year ago and how I eat now. In the future it will trigger memories about the Gallery, Photography Festival, last year at UNI, people that work in the gallery and visit the exhibition, and how I munched down the sandwich in the most inappropriate way possible.

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