The edgelands are close by because we are post-industrial city with wrecked industrial sites all over. I’m not local but some say that under the wreckage of fishing industry is Hull’s dignity. But we pick ourselves up, move on and will host City of Culture 2017.

I visited locations that are no strangers to me, because these places have attracted me ever since I live in Hull. “Britain’s wilderness” is a strong description of how I feel about environment that surrounds me. It feels slightly exotic to visit these abandoned locations. I compare that with reading a book – imagination takes over. Anyway…

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These locations are picked according to assignment and what associates with edgelandes.

First location is a piece of history, industrial building that was left to rot. Nature slowly started to take back the land to a point when this giant needs to be demolished before it melts back in to the land.

Second location has similar story but on a smaller scale

Third location is the “lost dignity” of fishing industry and for many years have been left to its own business.

Fourth location is on of my hot spots when I want to see industrial side of Hull from a interesting point of view. These images show the great landscape of industrial Hull at its peak, when it seems that under the layers of lost industrial activity there are few hidden gems.

To see research and thought process visit page: https://anetesooda.wordpress.com/final-major-and-other-projects/

One thought on “EDGELANDS

  1. Hello there.

    I’m dying to see some of your shots from the festival and wondered if you could contact me with regards to me using of them and also another few projects I’d like to talk to you about.




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