First year for me with good intentions in both areas – enjoy entertainment and photograph the enjoyment and culture.
This post is titled “short coverage” because I took less than 60 images out of three days and images are more like highlights of my experience rather than reportage of FF. I once again think – you either are on the duty to “party” or “work”.

Images have been ready for a week now, but I guess I was hoping that photographs will be joined with mouthful of fabulous words and information about artists/events/organizers or intentions behind each performance ect

But this was not the time for me to speak out, I might go wrong anyway, because week later and I only remember the name of one band and telephone boxes [Public Service Broadcasting – amazing, South London].
So here are the few photos——->>

0Z1A4018DAY b 0Z1A4039DAY b 0Z1A4041DAY b 0Z1A4083DAY b 0Z1A3930NIGHT b 0Z1A3944NIGHT b 0Z1A3949NIGHT n 0Z1A3951NIGHT b 0Z1A3955NIGHT b 0Z1A3957NIGHT n 0Z1A3962NIGHT b 0Z1A3964NIGHT b 0Z1A3987NIGHT b 0Z1A4003bsb B


What was your highlight of Freedom Festival 2015??

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