Once a year I allow myself to go back to my roots, see my family, friends and enjoy the full color of Latvia.
I have packed my shit and cleaned the house, plus I’ve had time to make myself look decent and prepared.
For two and 1/2 weeks I will leave social media and blog to have its own life so I will give you a little gift – I will show you some treasures of my past and who made me the person I am now today. You will think that I am being silly, all that is just junk, but these are significant objects, places and things that are big part of me regardless where I am now.

All images are taken this year, in March when I was in Latvia for three days dealing with my bloody toothache.

0Z1A6552LV TO BE PROUD B 0Z1A6293 B 0Z1A6506LV TO BE PROUD B 0Z1A6499TYPE TREES B 0Z1A6490LV TO BE PROUD B 0Z1A6468LV TO BE PROUD B 0Z1A6453LV TO BE PROUD B 0Z1A6356LV LV LV B 0Z1A6342LV LV LV B 0Z1A6323LV heart home B 0Z1A6319LV heart home B 0Z1A6313LV heart home B 0Z1A6310LV heart home B 0Z1A6307LV VEC B 0Z1A6302LV VEC B 0Z1A6297LV VEC B 0Z1A6272LV VEC_1 B 0Z1A6271LV VEC_1 B 0Z1A6269LV VEC_1 B 0Z1A6262LV VEC B 0Z1A6449 B
I will see you soon!

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