Flamborough North Landing Cliffs

Anyway…there is this amazing place quite nearby, my boyfriend organized little trip for his friends from Latvia and us just to have a grasp of beautiful land that we live in. I only took my camera for one purpose – use my “photographer” skills to give his friends something to look back to.
After arrival I could not stop saying “OH WOW” “AMAZING” ” BEAUTIFUL” “AM I STILL IN THE UK”ect.

I was not focused on taking professional landscape photographs whatsoever and what the heck! – will do next time, although I thought I had a bit more than you will see on this post below.

The weather was fantastic, breeze was just lovely and the view was breath taking. I think I have discovered little “magic land” nearby and I will go back there again and again –  with and without camera.

Just the top it all up – we had a great company and delicious homemade pizza after the climbing and walking.

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