If only we could pause the spring arriving and stand still while the Covid 19 is trashing our normalities.

Yesterday I almost wrote a sorry-for everyone Facebook post, since many of us are seeking support online. It was awkward for me  to publish such words, because I definitely don’t feel sorry for myself. I am enjoying the lockdown and thriving on the freedom, I am reconnecting with basic joys of life, and spending plenty of time with my family.

I accepted the things I can’t do or have at the moment, mourned my future travels to Latvia, and sick into my other job, where I am a key worker.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and spring is in a full swing. I love spring, my nostrils and skin loves the effects of it, for Easter I love invent my own happy and play Easter Bunny.


Couple of weeks ago, before the lockdown got tight, I went to a little wonderland near South Cave for some one-to-one with Mother Nature.  I had a clear vision in my mind what images I want to get out of that hour of freedom, and I think the result is an intimate imagery with snippets of nature. Subject to availability by the way…don’t expect palm trees and corn fields.

Enjoy these images and hopefully you feel like you are there smelling the grass, touching the dry stumps of tree, your skin is kissed by sun, and your lungs fill with spring air.

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I wish everyone Happy Easter! Stay at home, indulge into spring through the window, in your garden or acres of land, if you are lucky.  Tell your loved ones you adore them and miss them, pretend to be Easter Bunny, and cherish the things you have, don’t sulk on things you don’t.

Sending all my love
Anete Sooda Photo




Drunk Animal Creative Studio Hull University Beach Stand Queen Victoria Square

Queens House Showcase Liz Knight “Seeds”

Ground Home? by No Twaddle Theatre Company

Bean & Nothingness Whitefriargate Hull

A Jar Full Of Art The Brain Jar


Despite things looking rather hot[meaning busy] I want to share the culture love affair with Hull before the Humber Street Sesh 2018 madness starts tonight [EXCITED]

First – my friends Drunk Animal Creative Studio set up their Beach Stand in Queen Victoria Square for Hull University graduates to have a little feeling of summer and great photo opportunity. As I’ve seen it being built back in June, I was very proud to walk past it this time in Hull city centre and snap the goodness.

_Z1A8526JULY22018 b_Z1A8528JULY22018 b_Z1A8538JULY22018 b_Z1A8541JULY22018 b

p.s. This will be featured in the VIP area at Hull University Main Stage at Humber Street Sesh 2018

Hard to trace on the world wide web – amazing and talented textile designer Liz Knight was the residency artist at Queens House Showcase in July.

Delicate, sensitive, emotional and bright viewing experience “Seeds” run from the 21st – 20th July.

_Z1A8575JULY22018 b

The space at Queens House Showcase  run by Creative ENRG offers great opportunities to various artists display and showcase their work. The exhibition was one of my favourites seen there in the recent year and I felt great emotional bond with the works. Liz made the most of the space and created a landscape indoors [if that makes any sense].

_Z1A8595JULY22018 b_Z1A8594JULY22018 b_Z1A8576JULY22018 b_Z1A8589JULY22018 b_Z1A8585JULY22018 b_Z1A8584JULY22018 b_Z1A8577JULY22018 b_Z1A8569JULY22018 b_Z1A8563JULY22018 b_Z1A8562JULY22018 b_Z1A8555JULY22018 b_Z1A8543JULY22018 b

Ground Home? by No Twaddle Theatre Company

_Z1A8598JULY22018 b_Z1A8599JULY22018 b_Z1A8601JULY22018 b_Z1A8603JULY22018 b_Z1A8605JULY22018 b_Z1A8610JULY22018 b

_Z1A86162JULY22018 b

Those rare and precious times I get my arse down Ground are my favourite. The gallery is unique and chilled out. At the time of my visit I saw an exhibition/community project by No Twaddle Theatre Company. HOME?

I will allow the images speak for themselves, as I don’t want to ruin the message.

And let me just mention how happy and proud I am to see Ground thriving and getting the recognition. Its an amazing space with great people running it. And the selection of zines available is just tempting to become a full time reader. Nice.

_Z1A8620JULY22018 b_Z1A8621JULY22018 b_Z1A8623JULY22018 b_Z1A8625JULY22018 b_Z1A8626JULY22018 b_Z1A8629JULY22018 b

A Jar Full Of Art at The Brain Jar

_Z1A9619JULY 2018 b

Featuring artists:
Sue Caufield, Hayley Booth, Kjersti Goss Emberton aka Sessa Ceramics, Lauren Saunders, Diane Allerston and Sharisse Ullah.

First – the cafe space at The Brain Jar is absolutely lovely. Both floors. And having had great coffee there upstairs, it was awesome to see the space used to showcase local artists and have a little art fair.

_Z1A9664JULY 2018 b

Kjersti Goss Emberton aka Sessa Ceramics

_Z1A9655JULY 2018 b_Z1A9654JULY 2018 b_Z1A9653JULY 2018 b_Z1A9649JULY 2018 b_Z1A9648JULY 2018 b_Z1A9647JULY 2018 b

I am Latvian and for the first glimpse I gathered that Sessa Ceramics is not 100% British. There was a Northern feel to the ceramics. And I was right as Kjersti originally comes from Norway. Bang. Absolutely loved the ceramics and I hope to own some next time I see her.

Lauren Saunders

_Z1A9625JULY 2018 b_Z1A9634JULY 2018 b

Lauren is an absolute babe. She is talented, determined and ace young lady.

Diane Allerston

_Z1A9642JULY 2018 b_Z1A9635JULY 2018 b

Diane was super lovely and shared her story and techniques with me and my fellow culture lover and I thought that capturing Diane’s smile would be the perfect way to celebrate her talent and good heart.


_Z1A9658JULY 2018 b_Z1A9656JULY 2018 b_Z1A9621JULY 2018 b_Z1A9620JULY 2018 b

Next one is something exciting, but I’ve not searched for current updates if the space is open to the public. I had a exclusive preview whilst the place was set up and I am looking forward to go back soon and see the changing walls and artist showcasing their talents.

Bean & Nothingness down Whitefriargate Hull.

_Z1A9670JULY 2018 b_Z1A9675JULY 2018 b_Z1A9677JULY 2018 b_Z1A9681JULY 2018 b_Z1A9686JULY 2018 b



_Z1A0365PRIDE18 B

As I missed Hull Pride in 2017, I was determined to photograph the most colourful event of the year in 2018. And I did. And I loved it.
Love, equality, acceptance, community spirit, peace, happiness and pride.
The Pride in Hull 2018 was so grand, that wrote a separate blog post to make sure I celebrate it fairly. Follow Anete Sooda Photo Pride in Hull 2018 for a full gallery. Thanks to everyone who said hello and gave me fantastic feedback.

Summer is always busy, but OH MIGHTY COW how summer of 2018 is turning out. I will be happy to be alive at the end of August, but I am hoping to be part of many culture wonders in August, so I can tell everyone how great I am and how awesome Hull is.



I was there again, this time with different people and different expectations. Still beautiful and earthy place and took my breath away once again. I also picked up more images, so well done me.

Flamborough North Landing Cliffs

Flamborough North Landing Cliffs

Anyway…there is this amazing place quite nearby, my boyfriend organized little trip for his friends from Latvia and us just to have a grasp of beautiful land that we live in. I only took my camera for one purpose – use my “photographer” skills to give his friends something to look back to.
After arrival I could not stop saying “OH WOW” “AMAZING” ” BEAUTIFUL” “AM I STILL IN THE UK”ect.

I was not focused on taking professional landscape photographs whatsoever and what the heck! – will do next time, although I thought I had a bit more than you will see on this post below.

The weather was fantastic, breeze was just lovely and the view was breath taking. I think I have discovered little “magic land” nearby and I will go back there again and again –  with and without camera.

Just the top it all up – we had a great company and delicious homemade pizza after the climbing and walking.