This week has thought me a lesson to plan ahead. And try to stick to a plan. On Friday I literally failed to go out and photograph and I was annoyed with myself as never before.

I know that I can’t get to everything that Hull City Of Culture 2017 has to offer, but I have to take the advantage of the freedom when it comes to choosing where to go and what to see/photograph.

Thursday I was [first fail of planning] supposed to photograph the (In)visible Dancing down Jameson Street. I was super excited for it, but to my disappointment it was not on until the next day.

Oh, well… so to make sure I didn’t drag my kit in town for nothing I captured the Water Fountains in Queen Victoria Square in the early hours with the steam n stuff.

Hull Queen Victoria Square Water Fountains mum and daughter

The Fountains is one of those photo-popular destinations and I am not tempted too much, but it feels quite special and privileged to be there when it gets the steam clean.

Hull Queen Victoria Square Fountains SteamHull Queen Victoria Square Fountains Steam Women walking past


Saturday was the WORM FESTIVAL visit day [the festival spread across three days] in Humber Street Gallery.  I was lightly hangover [happens to me sometimes], so I decided that a long walk in Humber Street through Old Town will heal me.

First was the newly painted Drypool Bridge. The design is celebrating the work of John Venn – a 19th century mathematician and philosopher born in the Drypool ward.

Drypool Bridge Hull 2017

Then I followed the route and strolled through Street Life Museum grounds.

Streetlife Museum Hull people feetStreetlife Museum Hull garden

Hull Streetlife Museum people watching fish in the pond

And surprise, surprise – there was something going on. Maritime Memories Machine tour arrived in Hull to collect stories about sea – we like our waters don’t we?

Maritime Memories Machine Van

I met two lovely people from London, and they gave me a little tour around the Ice Cream Van without any ice cream that was full of secret jars and pots, items and collections.

Maritime Memories Machine inside the Van

They showed off their fantastic hats and cute lil’ seagull.

Maritime Memories Machine in Hull Seagull wearing scuba diving glassesMaritime Memories Machine view from the window inside the van

Maritime Memories Machine Tour in Hull handmade hat with seashells and stuff

Maritime Memories Machine Tour in Hull member of staff holding a very special handmade sea themed hat

It was very interesting indeed, it was like a tiny world squeezed in few square meters.
Maritime Memories Machine Tour in Hull propsMaritime Memories Machine Tour in Hull what is sea boardMaritime Memories Machine Tour in Hull on the Streetlife Museum grounds

I told my two different stories of what sea means to me – Martin Parr and The Last Resort for British seaside and late sunset seaside visits in Latvia when I was a kid.

Maritime Memories Machine Tour in Hull postbox

Before I entered the WORM FESTIVAL I took a few more of Hull at its best- sunny Saturday.

Hull Old Town and City Of Culture flagCouple in Hull

C4DI building and people on the bridge Hull

Poorboy Vintage Clothing Humber Street

Humber Street in Hull Tidal Barrier in the background

And these photographs show off the good news – it is never dull in Hull this year in particular. It even feels a bit overwhelming….

Anyway, the WORM FESTIVAL was on the radar because of few reasons – these guys are from Rotterdam and the city is bonkers – I have been there and it is a cultural madness. Second  – THE PERFORMANCE BAR PLUGS YOU IN!   –  I was not entirely sure what it was and it was embarrassing to ask the stupid question to the artists – where is the best spot to watch the tricks – “WHAT TRICKS?”….

Third – Humber Street Gallery exhibits diverse stuff and it is never boring.

And this was one these – weirdly happy shocking whatthehellisgoingon. 
I arrived early for the time slot for the THE PERFORMANCE BAR PLUGS YOU IN! so I stuck to the plan to stay around and not to miss it.

It was delayed [very artist way to run things] so I had plenty of time to get familiar with environment.

Humber Street Gallery Live MusicHumber Street Gallery Live Music wide shotHumber Street Gallery Smiley Face ProjectionHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL artists drinkingHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL mask on the head

Humber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL live music playing
And the unknown form-shape artists were up for a photograph – lights and sass was on.

Humber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL artists posing for cameraHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL artistsHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL BAR PERFORAMCE PLUG IN

It was so weird and annoying not to know what to expect, but when the first artist came on, I got the picture – it is nothing to do with an actual bar and drinks/cocktails been tossed in the air, no flames and smoke magic.
The bar was the place where artists can express their inner madness and desire, wild side and send the message to the culture-consumers.

Humber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL performance on bar

This lady was the first one to get on the stage [and the only one I had the patience/time to wait for] and it was a killer- weird one.

Humber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Saturday's performance girl on stageHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL artists performing WITH SHAVING FOAMWORM FESTIVAL at Humber Street Gallery artists performing WITH SHAVING FOAMHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL artists performingHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL artist performing WITH SHAVING FOAM sprayed on her body

The funny thing is – I did not get the message behind it, but it was so funny to watch peoples reactions that I enjoyed it.
The other reason why I decided that this is enough of BAR ART FART – I don’t think I dealt with the light very well.

Upstairs was the rest of the exhibition/activities and I expected some kind of normality. But I was so wrong – upstairs was another Rotterdam culture/art shock and my brain was tickled even more.

Humber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL stairs to Gallery Two and Three Alien expositionHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL stairs to Gallery Two and Three with a plant on staircaseHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL stairs to Gallery Two and Three with photographs of celebrities

Even getting to the gallery two and three is the art in itself – art to welcome. I got the sense that this is not an ordinary exhibition, which appears to be spot on, as I mentioned.

Humber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL stairs to Gallery Two and Three no white walls anymore

The clean – white wall- don’t touch the artwork – only watch with your eyes – listen and be quiet sense was gone. I entered a world of moving art, artists making art there and then, eating and shitting in the same place [in a good way]. The gallery was turned into a workshop with different elements.

I took me some good few minutes to feel like I know my grounds, although it was busy, it felt so focused and quiet.

Humber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two Man looking at the exhibitionHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two

Humber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two against Trump

Humber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two Boxing Ring with boxing gloves on displayHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two boxing ring in prepHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two music records from HullHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two Artists make artworkHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two Boxing Ring Close Up with wooden slippersHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery TwoHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two media artHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two on set living room with man sat in itHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two artist reading poemHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two Coca Cola bookHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two on set living room
The sign of normality was the Hull City Of Culture 2017 volunteer and the camera around my neck – everything else – different world.

Humber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two Hull City Of Culture VolunteerHumber Street Gallery WORM FESTIVAL Gallery Two on set living room


I had to sit down with the guy that seemed to be the curator/artist. Because I had to understand.

The conversation was about them, Rotterdam and Hull. The exhibition is not the exhibition that the gallery has seen before – it is a hands on workshop creating art around building babies and bridges between Rotterdam and Hull, Ground Gallery  included. This is what they said, this basically quoting them. There was no obvious explanation, but what I have gathered with my art knowledge – everything is made from complete scratch [like babies] and the involvement is the bridge between two cities.

The artists seemed real people, true people and what they do is who they are. Honesty about them, Hull and “the art” is what I appreciated the most.

and it was sad at the same time.
They said that the first time they arrived in Hull, walked through Humber Street they wanted to run away from the exhibiting here. Because it did not seem real – the newly built fresh breath of art, shops, galleries, bars, restaurants and antiques shop. They have said yes to the invitation to exhibit here, but they were not sure if they belong in the space given. They decided to do it their way anyway and collaborate with Hull heritage.

And this is not made up, this what we were talking about. And to not to forget the conversation and feeling, I recorded myself on the way home. I listen back and it really helps not to forget that artists from Rotterdam have came to Hull and feel like the Hull City Of Culture 2017  is ugly. Not the city and the people, but the brand, the logo, the investment and the idea to force on the culture they want us to consume. Of course on Friday they could have been chatting to some pro-city of culture visitors who told them of the nonsense, but that couldn’t influence them this much.
There must be a good reason of why that comes across…


So the bear is not as brown as we thought..hahaha.

My views about this is simple – he title has improved my relationship with Hull, given me so many opportunities to practice the photographic skill, I have met some fantastic people and seen amazing things/events/performances.
And a lot of people are aware of the “ugly scene” behind the curtains, but find a way how to gain something from the Hull City Of Culture 2017

The big bonus is  – it is not dull in Hull from Monday to Sunday and that is the most amazing thing.


I really want to see the journals that WORM FESTIVAL will publish [as I was told] and the thoughts of returning to Rotterdam are present.


Happy #getcultured week 26!!!!!!!!!







On Tuesday I photographed a little cultural community accent near Octagon centre in West Hull [ish]. I was in the area doing some serious business and these highly flammable hay “things” have been to my attention for a while. Community around is showing that growing greens, strawberries and things down local street is very much OK. And I agree cos it looks fantastic.

_Z1A8841WEEK24 b_Z1A8842WEEK24 b_Z1A8848WEEK24 b_Z1A8840WEEK24 b

Plus the area is showing off its own take on Hull City Of Culture 2017 – everyone every were can be part of the #GETCULTUREDMOVEMENT

_Z1A8853WEEK24 b



Everything I do most of the time comes with a “but”. This time it was the fact that I only went to the end of the event, because was working and that was the only option. Better late than never, huh?

For a while it has been on my radar, as the HULL STREET FOOD NIGHTS is one of those happy things about Hull and its people. We like our food, drinks and gathering.

Because I went after 8 pm, crowds have eased off and entertainment finished.
I took a stroll through the food stalls, chatted with armed police and enjoyed the rainbow with everyone.

_Z1A8857WEEK24 b_Z1A8861WEEK24 b_Z1A8872WEEK24 b_Z1A9015WEEK24 b_Z1A8876WEEK24 b_Z1A8878WEEK24 b_Z1A8883WEEK24 b_Z1A8886WEEK24 b_Z1A8890WEEK24 b_Z1A8892WEEK24 b_Z1A8895WEEK24 b_Z1A8910WEEK24 b_Z1A8912WEEK24 b_Z1A8915WEEK24 b_Z1A8923WEEK24 b_Z1A8926WEEK24 b_Z1A8932WEEK24 b_Z1A8935WEEK24 b_Z1A8937WEEK24 b_Z1A8943WEEK24 b_Z1A8947WEEK24 b_Z1A8954WEEK24 b_Z1A8955WEEK24 b_Z1A8960WEEK24 b_Z1A8967WEEK24 b_Z1A8969WEEK24 b_Z1A8971WEEK24 b_Z1A8975WEEK24 b_Z1A8979WEEK24 b_Z1A8989WEEK24 b_Z1A8993WEEK24 b_Z1A8894WEEK24 b

The images shows just what I was saying before and I am glad I went even though there was possibility that all the food and people will be gone!

If any interest to you – I took home a chicken&bacon&leek pie from THE HULL PIE.




There is a reason behind the word “challenge”. This week I was super busy with personal project Beardology, night of comedy and taking part in the Larkin Out festival at the Larkin’s Bar down Newland Avenue, plus many other life things, so I had to really push/challenge myself to get cultured regards Hull City Of Culture 2017 this week.

This week the focus was on Daffodil display and my own interpretation of it [just cos I missed it].
Ferens Art Gallery and Skin: Freud, Mueck and Tunick was another must see this week.

_Z1A4350WEEK16 b

When it was too late, I discovered that the Lego Daffodil display is gone. The daffodils were given away to people of Hull for small donation that week. I was very gutted, but I still went down to see it for myself.

But I was told that somewhere in Hull I can find two awesome kids who will show me the daffodils and I will be able to have my own photograph of these amazing Lego creations.

With bribery and good chat-up lines, they proudly showed off their daffodils and talked me through the day when they were queuing, waiting and ended up on TV. I was super jealous, but really happy for them.

Inspired by cheesy mainstream fashion magazine edits, I had an idea of how to have my own daffodil display – bit of patience and work, bit of Hull City Of Culture 2017 colours and yeah- I have my own LEGO DAFFODIL DISPLAY.


Skin: Freud, Mueck and Tunick

LONG STORY SHORT – during the week I watched the film about Sea of Hull in making [incredible sense of unity and a lot of naked, blue people], I knew that the exhibition is out and I headed down there. I had a gut feeling that Mr. Tunik will be conscious about people taking credit of his hard work, so there will be no photos allowed. Which is really crap, cos my visuals are better than words.

And I was spot on – no photos are allowed in the Skin: Freud, Mueck and Tunick exhibition.
The staff has got more than three eyes, so I was constantly followed –  I think it is written on my face – I am a nosy photographer.

I am really sorry, but just as I was told off I took a miserable picture with my phone.


I think it is ridiculous. This artwork would not be if not Hull. And the whole experience and photos is a fantastic reminder that Hull is amazing and people are absolutely crackers in the most incredible way.
Just have the recordings of the exhibition would mean a lot to me and potentially few other.

Just a quick feedback on the actual photographs and the quality of work.

There is no argument about the content, composition and overall idea. But MR. Tunik clearly used a camera that is not suitable for large scale prints. Very bad print quality and it kind of spoiled the viewing experience.


I did study about Ron Muek and his fascinating life-like sculptures at Uni and I was hoping that I will have the opportunity to see his work in real life. Thanks to Hull City Of Culture 2017 it happened.

Ron Muek is Australian born, London based artist with incredible talent of shocking viewers with his sensitive and exposed sculptures of human beings.

“Mueck’s works command an uncanny ability to amaze with obsessive surface detail and intense psychic discharge. Engaging and wildly popular, they expose our need to validate our humanity, even as they thwart our attempts at full disclosure.”

Source and interesting interview with artist himself via link below:

The Progress Big Man A Conversation with Ron Mueck by Sarah Tanguy

I don’t know about my need to validate my humanity, but I was gazing at the sculptures for quite a while. It felt like I am a tiny ant looking at humans, analysing the danger they can cause.
It is magnificent execution of detail, skin and dimension.
The sculpture Wild Man without a doubt was the one that amazed me the most. The more time I spent looking at it, the more comfortable I felt.

It is definitely a must-see.

The exhibition is part of Artist Rooms Tour and will be there until 13th of August 2017.

Also I was told that there is a small gallery with samples and sketches of Mueck and I WAS ALLOWED TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS.

_Z1A4889WEEK17 b_Z1A4888WEEK17 b_Z1A4887WEEK17 b_Z1A4890WEEK17 b

+ a random photograph of a random art workshop.

_Z1A4895WEEK17 b

This Bank Holiday Weekend I was hanging out at Larkin’s Bar Hull and Larkin Out festival, so I spoke to a lot of people. In some conversations Hull City Of Culture was mentioned and it is not always sweet.

For example, there are people [from Hull obviously] who feel like this year isn’t really about Hull. We get fed with art that “they” think we should be looking at and relating ourselves with. The people I spoke with are definitely with decent IQ’s and have some sense of culture, so their opinion really matters. And what if they are right? What if we blindly follow what the Hull 17 board is giving us as Hull’s legacy, culture and history. Some of it is a bit out of context, random and too arts’y farts’y.  We have been given a choice of many different culture experiences, but how do we filter what really is important for old and new Hull?

My own experience has been wonderful, I have had the opportunities to be part of amazing things and I appreciate art for its being, for the change that it is bringing to Hull and the sense of coming together to get cultured as a city.

But I also see these points applying to the events.

There was another conversation about Hull 17 bringing photographers outside of Hull to record the celebration – that is a joke considering the talented few in Hull have to hunt for jobs. To make it worse  – one of the photographers have slagged of local photographers… I have no proof of this, but even having the rumour amongst those who live in Hull being a truth, puts the whole Hull 17 to shame.

This year is a distinctive year for local artists, businesses and people, everyone should have a piece of the Hull 17 cake – that was the whole point of this.

Something to think about and reflect on.

See you next week!!!!!!


I used to think that photographers who take part in challenges – daily, weekly, monthly clearly have a lot of spare time or they are just amateurs not willing to get a proper job. WRONG WRONG!
If you have a meaningful challenge that makes your life more awesome, if you gain something from the challenge, you are a winner.
And I am a winner. This year is super photo-busy, busier than it was each year at uni, I have taken a lot of photographs in sixteen weeks – amazing ones, bad ones, useless ones and a few life changing.

That is my wisdom for this week people


Now, week 16 of Hull City Of Culture 2017 has been bright and colourful, and interestingly – I went through some powerful feeling – drowning [I’ll explain].

Highlights/WEEK 16:


In previous weeks I have already attempted Slinkachu [ MY CITY OF CULTURE – MY HULL – WEEK 11 ]

I made two sets – one of them was with tiny human figures and Hull City Of Culture 2017 branding and other one was with two silly penguins. The first set was not very successful, so I have to try another location/landmark. I was really hoping that The Deep and penguins will work, as they are slightly bigger and were made as a joke[ish].

_Z1A4268WEEK16 b

The idea was to celebrate Hull City Of Culture 2017 through something that Hull know’s but isn’t as obvious. The Deep is more than obvious, but the penguins are fairly new edition to Hull. And I mean….if I were to be an intelligent penguin aware of culture in 2017, I would probably escape too.
It was very funny, typical me – I was not prepared so my set was about to be swept into River Humber. As I was struggling, a nosy stranger [took pictures of me taking pictures of the penguins] offered to help.
_Z1A4265WEEK16 b

The result is pleasing.
I am shifting off slightly from the meaning behind Slinkachu, or just having some perspective problems. But I am still happy. happy me, happy penguins and maybe this will inspire other people in  a strange way.

_Z1A4280WEEK16 b


The Raft of Medusa  – CLEAN, CRISP AND CLEVER

_Z1A4295WEEK16 b_Z1A4299WEEK16 b_Z1A4302WEEK16 b_Z1A4303WEEK16 b_Z1A4306WEEK16 b_Z1A4310WEEK16 b_Z1A4321WEEK16 b_Z1A4323WEEK16 b

The quality standards of exhibitions in Hull have grown and like most of the people, I have high expectations. And The Raft of Medusa was a pleasure to engage with and look at. The artists have maintained a lot of detail and even the smells….beautiful. And really suits the nature of the Humber Street Gallery.


Somewhere Becoming Sea – goose pump[ing] experience


_Z1A4324WEEK16 b_Z1A4327WEEK16 b_Z1A4331WEEK16 b_Z1A4329WEEK16 b

Interesting interpretation of the bond between human and the sea, especially Hull’s longstanding prominence as a gateway to the North Sea and beyond. Again – beautifully represented. One of the installations really gave me goose pumps. I was looking at something that felt like men on ships in the sea going through something terrible..I am not sure. The big screen, darkness and the sound dragged me into the feeling that I am there and I am just about to drawn. Scary and fascinating at the same time. I had to have 3 minutes of deep breaths and conversation with one of the volunteers, to feel like I am okay.

_Z1A4338WEEK16 b

Another installation looked at the ever-changing boundaries between land and sea. We all hear about this, but not many of us have the chance to see the real “change”. The land is shrinking and the powerful sea is biting of bits of, what we think is ours. In reality we are all guests on planet earth and the real boss is the Mother Nature. The video was super realistic, it dragged me into the devastating feeling that the land is disappearing in front of me.
The photograph and description does not give the justice to the installations, so I really recommend to see this yourself.

Here is a link to read more about the artists, influences:


Re-Made in Hull at the ScrapStore.

First of all, this was so exciting that I even considered to have a separate blog post. But heey – time is money and I haven’t got both at the moment.

_Z1A4413WEEK16 b

Re-Made in Hull is a series of educational craft workshops. Set in a pretend factory environment, it is designed to inspire families to make a difference to their community through increased environmental awareness.

yesyesyes. As I arrived early I went through the fantastic shop. I was like a kid in the candy shop. Really recommend this place if you are feeling a bit dull need cheering up. The stuff that they have will put a smile on your face and will inspire you to do a bit of crafting.

_Z1A4382WEEK16 b_Z1A4385WEEK16 b_Z1A4389WEEK16 b_Z1A4394WEEK16 b_Z1A4397WEEK16 b_Z1A4417WEEK16 b_Z1A4406WEEK16 b_Z1A4409WEEK16 b_Z1A4411WEEK16 b_Z1A4414WEEK16 b

At the beginning of the workshop creation bit, we had a lovely intro and health&safety induction with the lovely artists working there and running the workshops.

_Z1A4424WEEK16 b_Z1A4428WEEK16 b

No glue and no boundaries of what you can create.

I am not a the best in crafts, but I thought I’ll give it a go. And I brought Melanie with me, the 10 year old lady who has been cultured multiple time now.

She was about to make a blue sheep and I decided to make a robot.

There was a lot of people – most of them parents with children. A great way how to spend Saturday morning.

_Z1A4422WEEK16 b_Z1A4416WEEK16 b_Z1A4417WEEK16 b_Z1A4440WEEK16 b_Z1A4431WEEK16 b_Z1A4432WEEK16 b_Z1A4434WEEK16 b_Z1A4460WEEK16 b_Z1A4442WEEK16 b_Z1A4444WEEK16 b_Z1A4448WEEK16 b_Z1A4452WEEK16 b_Z1A4455WEEK16 b_Z1A4456WEEK16 b_Z1A4453WEEK16 b

The workshop was really, really fun. There was a lot of excitement, creativity and laughs. Each kid had different ideas, parents joined in and the artist helped to execute great ideas.
_Z1A4451WEEK16 b_Z1A4438WEEK16 b

I promised the artists from the workshop to give 10/10 for the whole experience. I have changed my mind – 11/10.

Also, this was the last workshop as part of the Re-made in Hull, but fingers crossed ScrapStore gets more funding to continue.

As you can see I had a busy week. And I will have even busier next few, so keep your eyes peeled.

During the week I also visited town centre in hunt for daffodils, which off course weren’t there. But I have managed to get to awesome children to show off theirs. There will be an artwork coming next week regards that.


Last week I was back on track with Hull City Of Culture

This weeks highlights:



On Thursday my mission was to find the Museum of Club Culture and Mark Wigan’s exhibition [link above].

I was passing the POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW twice and that was more than enough to take another photo of  the display – the image of setting up the artwork few weeks ago contained two photographs together. This time – to get in the display and nosy members of public, it had to be three photographs.

_Z1A3945-Pano B

I know, I know…million, trillion photos have been taken with POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW , each photographer does something else, but I choose to be one of them and have the recording of this.

_Z1A3916CRETE b

POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW  is one of those artworks that appeal more diverse people, people who think that art is kind of a nonsense. And the actual detail in each poppy is incredible. So well done and I wish this to become the landmark of the season two of the year long celebration.

Ferens Art Gallery and OFFSHORE: ARTISTS EXPLORE THE SEA was something that I thought I had a quick look too, whilst I am in the area. I also had a company, so I got someone cultured.

_Z1A3925WEEK14 b_Z1A3929WEEK14 b_Z1A3936WEEK14 b

It turns out that I have forgotten about the balcony view and the exhibition space upstairs.

By that point I was in a funny mood – I started to notice or observe the wrong things, rather than art on display…

_Z1A3938WEEK14 b_Z1A3944WEEK14 b_Z1A3940WEEK14 b

Sometimes being able to have laugh through lens is the key to a success  –  look at Peter Dench and Martin Parr… these two [my fave] photographers have made their career on having a little giggle about humans.

I enjoyed myself and I hope Oliver Fisher will not think I have lost the plot somewhere in Crete.

I struggled to find TRANSGLOBAL ART OF MARK WIGAN on Thursday, really annoyed by my lack of concentration on reality vs. map.
But I found it on Thursday and I got four people cultured [the fourth person is not in the photograph].

_Z1A3955WEEK14 b

For some unknown reason, the Museum of Club Culture has been on my radar for some time and I was super excited. AND the artist himself was there too. If Mark Wigan is reading this blog – I should have explained why I photograph his museum. ITS FOR MY BLOG :)))))

_Z1A3964WEEK14 b_Z1A3966WEEK14 b_Z1A3970WEEK14 b_Z1A3972WEEK14 b

The art was AMAZING, my cup of tea. It is a mixture between a child’s wildest fantasies and grown-up experiences. Some of them really captivating.

I would love to go again so if someone is interested to join me, please let me know.

WASHED UP CAR-GO was something that I’ve heard of but when approaching the venue, I was disappointed that I have had a false info. I went into the Deep reception to ask, to demand – I have four people expecting to see an exhibition.

But there it was, right in front of my eyes.
Three cars at the Deep car park, spread out and quite frankly – hard to spot if you don’t know what to expect.

_Z1A3986WEEK14 b_Z1A3987WEEK14 b_Z1A4003WEEK14 b_Z1A3983WEEK14 b_Z1A4005WEEK14 b_Z1A4008WEEK14 b_Z1A4012WEEK14 b_Z1A4014WEEK14 b_Z1A4017WEEK14 b

So clever, well though out and interesting. My not so cultural friends with a sceptical eye towards art, said that it is very cool to have such random and used-to things turned into art. I was surprised myself and it is worth spending few minutes to listen to the music and watch the short films in one of the most creative screens ever seen.

There was few obvious questions raised – has the cars have TAX ROAD AND MOT, what about insurance, if they gonna be used after display…

The last, but not least was the Fountain 17 

We walked through Humber Street and thoroughly enjoyed the local offerings into antique “crap”.

_Z1A4053WEEK14 b_Z1A4055WEEK14 b

Fountain 17  is something that was exhibited and promoted at the Degree Show 2016. I blogged about it 10 months ago, just after my graduation. At the time I really wanted to apply for the project, thinking that I can do something with the urinal, but it never happened. So I was super keen to see what the artists have done.

_Z1A4042WEEK14 b_Z1A4040WEEK14 b_Z1A4027WEEK14 b_Z1A4032WEEK14 b_Z1A4022WEEK14 b_Z1A4044WEEK14 b_Z1A4038WEEK14 b_Z1A4035WEEK14 b

NOTE: The last image is my replication of the actual use, but not sure if I had a reasonable excuse…just imagine of what my mind goes through…


Some of the ideas absolutely fantastic, some of them hard to relate to but still interesting art. Was super lovey to see the three prints of amazing Anna Bean, Anna is a pioneer and an artist to look up to. And another great woman – artist – lecturer Alison Field has got a very interesting interpretation of the Fountain 17

There is more displays of Fountain 17 in studio eleven, Brodrick Gallery HASAD and Humber Street Gallery which I am hoping to visit this week.



To all who follow me every week for 13 weeks.

My challenge appears very challenging when I am away from Hull.
Whole week I spent in Greece, Crete, soaking up sun, different culture, beautiful views, hard core driving up-hill and of course Greek wine.

From the very busy and hectic week 12 of my challenge, where I took on ReRooted Festival I have left a little cheat for the 13th week.

That week was the week the POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW installation was out for the public to view, there was a buzz around it and a lot of people taking pictures.

_Z1A2448WEEK12 b

That week POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW was surrounded by too many curious eyes to be able to take a decent picture, and for those who really wanted – patiently waited for that perfect shot.
I had no time to wait, unless I am there at 10 pm on the night, right?

_Z1A3436-PanoWEEK12 b

Poppies mean a lot to the British which is why there are two very brave guards making sure overnight POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW are safe.

Week 14 plan is still under construction, as I am still sulking and recovering. I feel as though I have missed out on a lot by being away all week, so I have to catch up.

But it was very lovely to come back home to HULL.




I was asked to cover ReRooted Festival on Friday and bit on Saturday and I had a blast.

Top highlights:

  • Give Me A Sign by artist Mark Waddell.

    I had the pleasure of meeting him, he spared his time to display his posters in front of some very Hull landmarks and he was a good crazy character.

  • Meeting Gillian Dyson and Mike Stubbs

    Gilliant Dyson was not only the curator of the festival, she also has a diverse portfolio that incorporates socially engaged practice, higher education pedagogy, academic research, and performance and visual art [yes, the info is taken from her website. Over the weekend I found out that she is curating the festival, then I found out that she is the lecturer of the contemporary theatre students and on Saturday she also did an art performance].

    Mark Stubbs was the co-curator of the Lineages: The legacy of Live and Media art in Hull. The talks aim is tackling themes of life after Brexit, feminism and the decline of western civilisation, the festival seeks to spark debate and celebrate the lasting legacy of former commissioning agency Hull Time Based Arts.

  • Dave Lynch and his old-tech BULWARK.

    BULWARK is a technological barricade created from fragments of abandoned technology using the age-old construction technique of drystone walling. The installation was way cool and I think for a split moment I cracked the shy artist about the wall and if he has got any relations with the tech-pieces seen in the wall.


    A series of solo performances by Leeds Beckett University Performing Arts students informed by an exploration into how we are shaped by our actions, how others see us, and the changing conditions in the world.

    The performance turned the Humber Street into a society/stereotype zoo. Or changing times display… Each character was well thought out, costumes, props, actual performance and sound effects…amazing.
    The best thing was to over-hear people reacting to what they are seeing.

On Saturday there was also some skateboarding workshops, good sausages and sunshine for everyone to enjoy the festival.

One thing I was hoping to see was the respected artist Anne Bean performance [She returns to Hull for ReROOTed, having taken part in the first ever Hull Time Based Arts public exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery in 1984 with the Bow Gamelan Ensemble. This time, Bean will tap into the principles of Sympathetic Magic to conjure up fragments of her 45-year art practice LINK BELOW ]



I am sharing the 50ish best moments, really grafted over the weekend to be able to share this with you on a Monday…so have a look and spread the #getcultured movement.









This week work duties took me to Beverley [posh Hull], so I finally had a chance to visit the Beverley Art Gallery and Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

The day was filled with positive people anyways, but as I made my way to the exhibition it got better and better.

I came across a man dressed as a banana. Not just an ordinary banana – he was a Fairtrade Banana. I approached him, asked for a selfie and had a little chat. He was there to spread the word about Fairtrade Fourthnight [fun-filled highlight of the year, when campaigners, businesses, schools and places of worship show their support for the farmers and workers who grow our food in developing countries].

He directed me to the shop just few meters away from his hot spot. The shop was selling Fairtrade products, giving away free banana and a free drink from nearest coffee shop.

The shop also had some artwork displayed, but I am not 100% sure about its origins..just indulge in the art of its own…[excuses, excuses]

_Z1A1301WEEK10 b_Z1A1302WEEK10 b

Next stop was the Beverley Art Gallery/Treasure House/Library [as locals directed].

At the entry a welcoming security guard directed everyone and Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition wasn’t the only thing to look at.

_Z1A1306WEEK10 b

In the Library area a textile sculptures of wild animals, impressive classic artwork that permanently lives in the Beverley Art Gallery, a taxidermy fox that was little too cute and smaller exhibition of a wildlife/urban life photographs by the younger generation.

_Z1A1309WEEK10 b_Z1A1312WEEK10 b_Z1A1313WEEK10 b_Z1A1316WEEK10 b_Z1A1320WEEK10 b_Z1A1321WEEK10 b

_Z1A1329WEEK10 b_Z1A1330WEEK10 b_Z1A1334WEEK10_1 b

It was quite overwhelming – the pants sculpture was a wonderful thing to look at and the massive painting that was way to big to be captured without a distortion.

The place was packed with people, seems like a popular art gallery and so happy to see so many visitors at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

_Z1A1360WEEK10 b

I had a lot of excitement for the visit of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the most prestigious photography event of its kind, providing a global platform that showcases the natural world’s most astonishing and challenging sights for over 50 years [a bold statement on the Beverley Art Gallery website].

_Z1A1340WEEK10 b_Z1A1341WEEK10 b

And it had my 100% attention through out. I was reading nearly every single caption, stared at every single print for ages. In between I had to sit down and figure out what shots could do justice to this fantastic exhibition.
I even shared my comments and compliments with other viewers – I never do that.

_Z1A1354WEEK10_1 b

This particular image took my breath away – it was beautifully captured meadow in a sunrise. The black seeds looked so three-dimensional that I wanted to wipe them away with my hands.
My photograph of this master piece and success of capturing a moment is not even close to what it looks like in the gallery, but I had to record it and point out that it needs a special attention [see – you all have to visit the exhibition now].

_Z1A1358WEEK10 b_Z1A1349WEEK10 b

Also – it was very interesting to see what camera, lens, settings and extras have been used to get to that winning photograph – some of them truly remarkable shots.
Popular amongst photographers – Canon Mark III and Canon Mark 1D [off course] and 15 mm lens [definitely will do my research].

This week has been mental-busy-manic-crazy, so I was lucky to have that spare time to follow my weekly challenge and Beverley is so lovely. It is nearly Hull, it is posh Hull and City Of Culture is spreading even in Beverley.

See you next week!!!!!




Week 9 of Hull City Of Culture arrived with the new edition of two seasons – Roots&Routes and Freedom.
This year will be over before we know it [good reason why to get involved ASAP]
Week started off busy and exciting. And then I got bad cold. The cold drained me through the week, all the work commitments couldn’t wait, but I was hoping that the week 9 plan will go ahead.

And it did. I pulled through and went ahead with meeting two City Of Culture volunteers – Linda and Carol.


The reason why I asked Linda and her sister Carol was the enthusiasm and involvement in the year long celebration – City Of Culture. Not even that they volunteers – sisters are getting cultured on a weekly basis by attending numerous events.

It was in early stages of my challenge that I wanted to celebrate the army of volunteers, finding those who would like to share their story.

There are around 3,000 volunteers and 28 different types of volunteering roles. Volunteers and their colourful and beautiful uniforms across the city gives a good feel that we are all in it together, we are celebrating together.

I arranged to meet them in the Hull Paragon Interchange after their shift at The Blade.


Whilst waiting, for the first time I stepped my foot in to The Welcome Pod  – its like a Hull City Of Culture rainbow full of information and a smiley face of a volunteer happy to help.

Linda and Carol where near the The Welcome Pod [not so secret meeting spot] waiting and we headed off for a chat.

We went into the nearest coffee shop and my plan was to sweeten them up before I start asking millions of questions.


Sisters are very lovely and chatty, we feel like we know each other for many years and the discussion around  City Of Culture comes out really naturally – at the end of the day – we all work around City Of Culture out of true passion – not as an obligation.

Why did you get involved in volunteering for City Of Culture?

Linda: I went to the Place des Anges in Queens Gardens back in July and felt the pride and excitement for the upcoming year. I wanted to do something positive. Also – it is a once in a life opportunity.

Carol: The reason why I  signed up to volunteer is because I am from Hull and I feel responsible to be welcoming and celebrate the good things about Hull. The year was promising and I wanted to be part of it.

What is the best thing about being Hull City Of Culture volunteer?

Carol: It is so amazing that we are part of it, so that for me is the best thing. The volunteers are well looked after – training is given, very flexible shift opportunities, no pressure and we get provided with uniforms.

Linda: It was the Made in Hull where I volunteered and I will never forget that feeling – seeing the pride in peoples faces. It was an uplifting feeling and all the negative comments made in media before the year started, was wiped away. We were proud to be from Hull and living in Hull.
And so many people from other parts of UK are coming just to see the events – wonderful feeling. And  a lot visitors said that they would definitely like to come back to the city.

Carol: Another great thing is the opportunity to meet other volunteers. There are so many people along the way, everyone different – different background, story, area they come from.

Also, whilst volunteering you get to speak with different people from Hull – people that you wouldn’t meet otherwise.

Linda: I have noticed that being a City Of Culture volunteer and wearing the uniform gives me a boost and confidence to communicate with people.

Carol and Linda: We are finally seeing that people from other areas are changing the perception about Hull. We are no longer the underdogs of the North, we have something to offer – great platform for businesses, artists, education.

What is/was your favourite venue/place to volunteer?

Linda: Basil Kirchin festival. It was something different and I was able to meet interesting people, some of them artists. I also found out that Kirchin died at Dove House Hospice [Linda works in Dove House] and he had a great connection with the hospice.
Also the music genre was new to me. I really enjoyed it.

Carol: The Welcome Pod. You never know who is going to come and ask questions so I have to be ready to step out of my comfort zone and speak to people.

In your view, what legacy will 2017 leave for Hull?

Linda and Carol: PRIDE. Hull has always been a little shy, we are used to put ourselves down, but deep down we are proud that we are from Hull. Now things will definitely change.

Carol: This year gives the opportunity to find out more about the city we live in and we will continue to embrace it even when 2017 finishes.

Linda: It will be good for the economy  – before Hull had to beg for businesses to come over, but things have changed now.
Hull has great platform for businesses, artists.

Carol: During 2017 people from Hull will have tried different things – for the future everyone will be more open-minded. The city will thrive.


Thirty minutes I spent with Linda and Carol made my day, my week.And I had that feeling again-proud.

It is quite funny – how many time I have written the word pride or proud in the 9 weeks I have been doing this..countless. Did we really needed the title “City Of Culture” to tell everyone how proud we are in Hull, about Hull.

Thank you Linda and Carol for spending time with me. Thank you for sharing your stories.



There was two other things on that day:

In House of Fraser you can find the Hull City Of Culture Merchandise Concession. You can get pretty much everything city of culture and it looks bright and colourful. Sean, who is managing the shop, is a great artist to talk with by the way..

Second: The Hull Paragon Interchange has its own fingerprints of Hull City Of Culture.




At the start of the week 7 of the City Of Culture 2017 I was thinking of taking it steady – stay at home, make my Slinkachu City Of Culture set  [read more about what is Slinkachu here: Street Installations and Photography] and watch BBC 2 Welcome to Hull presented by Hull-born comedian Lucy Beaumont.

But things turned out a bit different as the week progressed.

I started the Slinkachu, first testing the tiny people figures near The Blade  to see the scale and if I have the right lens to capture the installation.

It was fascinating to admit that I kind of feel like those tiny humans when I am near The Blade.

At home I designed City Of Culture 2017 branded flags, set up a rough idea of how I am going to work this crazy idea.


Work in progress, cos the figures are very tiny and I have to be sure that I know what I am doing before start super-glue them to the base.

On Friday I decided to visit the good old Hull School of Art&Design. It’s not only the place that changed my life, but funny enough – a spot on the City Of Culture 2017 map, hosting an exhibition in the downstairs area, plus an display of abstract architecture prints by imagesaremoments.



Sunday and the weather inspired me to get out and get cultured. I had three people with me, so we headed down Humber Street and Fruit Market.


Last time I had to miss out on Humber Street Gallery, cos the child and the content was not the mixture to go for.

First, on the ground floor I rushed to see Sarah Lucas Power in Woman display, mainly because of the combination of colours and capacity of the place/sculptures. And I was stopped by a volunteer, cos no photographs allowed.





Do I understand the cigarettes in the holes, do I understand why one of the sculpture was placed on a massive freezer…NO AND NO. But there was something about the roughness and boldness of these sculptures. It feels like they have been made by a man and is that the whole point?

Upstairs – COUM TRANSMISSIONS. The exhibition of materials drawn from the personal archives of Cosey Fanni Tutti and Genesis P-Orridge.

Founded in Hull during the late 1960s by artists Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti, COUM Transmissions was a collective whose work confronted, subverted and challenged societal conventions.

Labelled ‘the wreckers of civilisation’ by a Conservative MP following COUM’s Prostitution show at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, the group’s end in 1976 heralded the formation of the musical collective Throbbing Gristle.




For what I gathered  – COUM has been quite challenging for the society to understand and accept, but there it is many years later  – exhibited for people to apply another value to the work they did. Have we changed since the 1970’s?

I might have to get there another time, because I was unable to soak it in straight away.

People viewing the work certainly had something to discuss throughout and after.


Last but not least – Humber Street Gallery  top of the roof deck. AMAZING.


The location and the opportunity to have this view accessible is what Hull needed. And thank you for making my day. It was beautiful.


Overall I have to say that I am so happy to see that Humber Street and the Docks are buzzing, full of life and people are getting some sense of old and new binding together, creating today.


Every single thing has been thought out/about, even to the tiniest detail and are giving people an opportunity/reason to get out, get some fresh air, get to know Hull and most importantly – GET CULTURED, COS CITY OF CULTURE.