Pandemic time keeping explained in short – you either have all theme in the world through this or no time at all. I’ve been B apart from odd moments of blunt ignorance to the global pandemic and complete social avoidance. But I assure you that I AM ALIVE AND SHOOTING.
Hence why this short snippet of 2021 in Hull and culture comebacks : you’re welcome.

Ponto Cafe Hull

When I say comeback I more mean my own comeback to the much loved Hull galleries, culture hotspots, local shops and other outings. Sure, many areas of our pre pandemic normality had a comeback, but I had a choice to make to either carry on work only, or spruce up and do what I loved to do before.

In short:

During spring/summer Hull Vigil rose my attention and I applied to be one of the participants, so obviously years long landmark at the very top of Hull College was captured. Combined with visit to the Hull School of Art & Design degree show adapted to pandemic normality.
I was good, but not enough for my hungry camera eye.

At Ferens Art Gallery all year round here is something to see, so on more than one occasion I visited for an indulgence of art. Pride of our City was one of the exhibitions I saw. Pride in our City explores Hull’s LGBTQ+ history and documents people’s experiences of being part of LGBTQ+ communities in the city.

This time on a separate visit I indulged of art collections solidly there to please my eye. Ferens is often a place where I like to people watch and slowly digest the of who comes and goes through gallery rooms.

In 2020 and 2021 Was raving about Plant and Paint shop down Humber Street. Still am and consider that as one of the best success stories of Hull. The shop and Lara who probably doesn’t recognise me are just what you need on a rainy day or if you struggle for gift ideas, or just want to gaze at plants. For me personally its like a local TK Maxx and can solve all my problems. Yes, its a shop but whit its own culture.

Prospect Street Gallery is a little hidden gem with a lot of prospect. Each visit is a humble culture engagement with a lot of talent exposed. Local, small and independent.

My favourite market. end of. Visit if you can.

dot dot dot Humber Street Gallery always deliver interesting, controversial and funny. Or whatever you want to see and be exposed to in your own translation. On this occasion I visited the exhibition with someone who never been to anything of this kind and we rose a conversation about what art is and what it does to us and our outlook own cultural outlook. Of course, this was on the edge of what-the-hell, but I explained the this will speak to someone in a different way and we must not disregard art.

What is culture without a rainbow and a coffee break.

Comedy made a comeback and I was lucky to photography chunk of that. In fact during my last comedy gig, a comedian own stage said that comedy is a form of art despite Arts Council refusing to fund. I agree and will continue to support Hull Comedy scene.

HOF Food Hall came with a bang and I had to see it for myself. Twice in one day actually. Impressed with the internal design, orgiginal features and all the food indulgence and options to spend, spend, spend. It is beautiful butI wonder if HOF food hall is too posh for us humble working class and how long the hype will last. We shall see, but in the meantime I’ll keep visiting, buying expensive mayo and drink coffee at HOF.

Better late then never to officially rave about Oliver and Friends On Every street amazing merchandise and super cozy woolly hat that I purchased. Such a proud Hull moment.

Right, that’s 80% of my culture engagements. Inner City Sesh still pending on my to-do list and other bits, but this is little old year wave a goodbye kind of thing and a marker point that II am alive and 2022 will be great year. That’s all we can hope for.


Anete Sooda Photo

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