That mystery trip of 2002

This was when we were able to do fun things, mingle, to breathe on each other and stay over. I was c h e e s e f a c e happy and excited to go on my first real British National Holiday Mystery Tour with other three friends. I was excited about the mystery location, about the grannies on the coach, about eating crisps on the coach and, most importantly, wonder around new cities, soak up new culture and relax. We even had a little betting game of where we will go. If I correctly remember I was the closest one to guess with putting Coventry in line and I won a pint of beer. Lichfield and Derby on the day 2 were our mystery locations, and, although not really tropical and exotic at first thought, it was a pretty good. We actually got soaked more than normal in August, and it was rather nippy for the time of the year, but we survived that too.

Since the current states is a bit plain in my line of work, I’m finally getting time to edit and revisit old personal and semi personal imagery/content.

Two main attraction points was the stunning Lichfield Cathedral and Darby Museum and Art Gallery with two exhibitions – Bare Bones and Wild: A Celebration of the Natural History of the British Isles

The best thing about the concept of mystery trip is the unknown. No pre planning was that little freedom. We just set ourselves to a random direction and strolled through beautiful town centre through Lichfield Cathedral

It goes without saying that the cathedral was gorgeous and it had little exhibits [including a children’s play area with a coffin as a centrepiece].

It resembled Hull Minster and how these incredible buildings can be used not just to pray, but also bring communities and people together with art flare in the middle.

The cathedral is enormous and takes time to walk around, but the view up is stunning.

Lichfield was welcoming and friendly, good vibes and all that was enhanced by an accidental farmers market with something for everyone – alpaca meat, apple moonshine and ice lolly artworks.

Day two brought rain. Enough rain to skip exploring Derby and hide into Darby Museum and Art Gallery.

It was actually funny visit to a museum/art gallery with three grown ups with different interests in life. We laughed, learned stuff and were fascinated by the collection of bugs and creepy crawlers. Skeletons, drawing stuff, assembling horse and escaping hunger with weird sausage rolls.

I loved the intense red at the Bare Bones. From seeing so many exhibitions over the years valued its great ability to educate and amaze at the same time.

The other big part was the Wild: A Celebration of the Natural History of the British Isles and this had a mixed reaction. Some of the bugs and creatures raised goosebumps with my imagination flying to the worse scenarios and confrontation with them.

But it was beautifully set out and organised teaching me all about British Isles wildlife.

And there was there rest of the museum and gallery – again, very good and educational with not many yawns.

It was a shame that the rain spoiled seeing the city, but we probably wouldn’t have seen these beauties, so all good and forgiven. We did had Derby sausage rolls and saw the giant sheep. Plus visited the entertainment centre and played some indoor games.

Fun times, fun times. All being well we might be able to repeat that in 2025. Maybe. But for now we listen to Boris, say thank you for good health and plan our future dream destinations.

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