Coming to the dark and wet months is fine, but we all need a bit of sunshine and at least 20 happy minutes each day.  Luckily I have made peace with summer passing and autumn is all welcome. Hull Fair, Bonfire Night, Halloween, Christmas…so many things to look forward to.

I have been delaying this blog post for a while due to personal reasons, and I always thought that the next day will be better than the present one. I learned the hard way that waiting around for the better day is foolish, instead I will make this day better and more suitable for writing RIGHT NOW!

There was also a decision if to separately share Humber Street Sesh and Freedom Festival images – this year neither of them were on my top list for various reasons, but somehow I got a little snipped of both. And my 15% contribution was amazing. Great moments deserve their own spotlight, right?

So a quick list – most of them random and spontaneous: RSPCA Annual Bike Show, Climate Strike in Hull, Turner Price XL Food&Drink Show, Woodmansey Garden Centre haul [or market] where I went to visit Hotham’s Gin, and both festivals [separate post coming soon]. Blimey, it feels like this is the most pathetic list of all times.


When the directions that you are heading to are blurry and not distinct, it is OK to detour slightly. In my case just randomly turn up at the Turner Price XL Food&Drink Show at Bonus Arena. It really was a random choice and I giggle thinking about how it may look – photographer walking around the food and drink stalls, juggling camera, piece of cake, flyers and goody bags. Sure I looked like I am there for freebies, but that wasn’t the story. I literally had no idea what the show will be like and for sure I didn’t prepare myself to taste so many things, get my hand kissed and get totally excited about Harrogate water bottles, oh! and was asked if the Fentimans display has enough botanical references [like I know a thing about display building].

0Z1A8355SEPT B

The highlight was probably the unexpected rage of products for caterers, hotels and cafes, in my case education, and attendance. It was packed full with people representing a business, and of course people who love a freebie. The variety was from actual buyers to browsers, tasters to players.



And this brings me to the main point – I have totally missed an opportunity to shoot some Dench and Parr style shots. Really gutted. Instead I was fact recording, mainly looking at food [of course].

0Z1A8323SEPT b0Z1A8294SEPT b0Z1A8276SEPT b

Hopefully next year I will be much wiser and embrace the opportunity, because this year I learnt that attendees are too busy browsing, so I will have all the opportunities to shoot some great shots. Maybe that should be my new thing to attend events of this type and create narratives around each?

Speaking of things I have definitely fallen in to a dry period and each day starts with a prayer not too loose everything I worked so hard for.
Hence why these past few months have been so empty with tumbleweed dancing through my creative and professional practice.

When I found out about the annual RSPCA Bike Show, I thought bringing camera can’t do any harm – I never know who will I meet, what will happen at the fundraiser.


Pride is something that was seeping through every moment. People were the leather with pride, ride the beasts with pride, respect each other, RSPCA workers did their duties with pride, and even the local pear tree thrives with pride. Sweet and positive gathering that more people should talk about.

Another good and vital attendance was the Climate Strike in Hull. The strike in Hull was a small piece of a global puzzle. Tens of thousands of people across the globe united to speak about the climate change issues, shout at the government, raise their concerns and show initiative that we are all ready to change.  I silently hate the system, I hate that I am part of the consumerism society, I hate the greed and ego that runs the parade. At the same time I know I am just a small particle in the big space and the anger is only driving myself crazy.  I felt a little power running through my vanes at the strike, through the lens I joined the energetic young people, wise activists and general public. I believe that the strike was organised by Youth Strike 4 Action Hull, working together with Animal Rebellion Hull, Friends of the Earth Hull, Extinction Rebellion Hull + big thanks to Lauren Saunders for inviting me. 


Last, but not least was the visit to Woodmansey Garden Centre [famous for its sexy fish tanks and range of ocean fish, corals] market. That Sunday was dull as ever and I really needed a reason to get out of the house. And my new fave gin company Hotham’s Gin promoted their tasty gin, new orange vodka and Gin School under the greenhouse roof. The twitter post was inviting, showing off the tropical vibes of the place.
Hotham’s Gin are run by two really interesting, lovely and hardworking people [Emma and Simon], so it was a pleasure to have a natter and see that things are moving great for them.
I mean, it’s not the culture that I would usually blog about, but there is some culture in local brews and others drinks, so it counts. Another perfect excuse was that the market happens every so often and local craft makers, artists and small business sell their work, promote themselves under palm trees and tropical blooms. So here you go – cracking culture there.

0Z1A7453SEPT b0Z1A7420SEPT b0Z1A7451SEPT b0Z1A7431SEPT b


I will have to try much harder in the following months to keep some value in my work, I know. By the looks of my diary there will be some exciting clients, work up until Christmas and that will be the fuel for culture hauls.

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