To continue the story I started this morning… And of course to say that I sadly didn’t attend the private view last night. My heart is bleeding and  I’m jealous, and sad that I wasn’t there to see the first reactions and friendly faces.

In the last few weeks Stewart aka  Hinterland Creative and Anna Bean aka Bluebeany worked hard to plan/curate/select works for the exhibition. From Monday the exhibition started taking place and yesterday before the launch final pieces were put together.

I still can’t believe that the exhibition is at the Brynmore Jones Library. The space is perfect for exhibitions of all types, the space along the years have been in my top three for its versatility and service. It is also on high demand, so that makes Remote Control Humber Photography Project very special.

I was helping with some of the stuff, but nothing compared to Stewart and Anna’s dedication. Cheers to you both!

Prints are from GF Smiths and Ditto4Design – both equally high quality and beautiful. The Newspapers are from Newspaper Club and film created by Flygirl Films.

Yesterday however I popped down before the launch to make sure I see it before it goes “live” and also to surprise someone with the content that I submitted [I’ll talk about that a bit more on my next post about the exhibition].


I’m keen to see the finished exhibition, so I will head down there on Thursday this week.
The exhibition is open until 28th July, so you have plenty of time. Make sure you bring friends and family and grab a newspaper with you.

Massive congrats to Stewart and Hinterland Creative for their first curated exhibition and well done with the choice of location for the exhibition – top choice!


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