I sack off tomorrow. I am going to Latvia, my home and heart. Before I leave everyone for 2 1/2 weeks, I would like to give a quick update of what has been going on, what I will be up to for two weeks and what are my future plans.


For the past month I have been living a post-student life and so many great things have happened. I have left the student-hood and got my life back. Suddenly I can absorb the world around me. The seasons have changed from autumn to winter, to spring and yes, July have arrived quickly.

First great and awesome thing – the hard work over three years have summed up in First Class Honours and yesterday in the post I got the actual scores, so it is not just a mistake. I am super happy.

After the Degree show, I presented “End Of Life” celebration project at Manchester Hothouse Redeye event,photographed Hull 10K, been to Jazz Comedy Night in Hull, become an official volunteer at the Dove House Hospice and have got some pretty amazing photography jobs…. a lot has happened.

Starting in August I will start working even harder and have so many plans.

First –  I will release wedding, engagement, family photo shoot and pet photo shoot packages. I have to start make some money out of this fantastic talent I have [education too hehe] and I have to be open minded.

I will continue to photograph as volunteer at different kind of events to celebrate life and people, because that is who I am and hopefully will have enough time to explore the world through the lens.


Currently working on collaborating with Freedom Festival and pre-festival events, will be at the Humber Street Sesh in August, will continue working with Eskimosoup and hopefully will officially become a freelance photographer.


Most important – “End Of Life” project is on the top of the list.
I am currently pausing the grave yard and funeral part, but will be working towards celebrating end of life in work collaboration with Dove House Hospice and explore people that either have a life limiting illness or experience someone else having life limiting illness. I will be looking at celebrating life lived, legacy left behind and other great things that we can think of in the means of life. I will be speaking with people, sharing my views and project and really want to open up this difficult subject of death and end of life to a broader spectrum of people.

Although I say I have paused the funeral and cemetery photography, I will be photograph and explore the core of the project – cultural differences between Latvian and British.

For the first time, my time in Latvia is not going to be just about leisure and taking holiday snaps. As the origins of “End Of Life” project comes directly from my Latvian heritage, I feel the urge to work on the project whilst there and bring back my vision of the subject of death and how open-minded [or not] Latvians and Eastern cultures are.
Whilst visiting Latvia I have selection of photographs that are defining visual of death and end of life subject in British culture and will recreate them in Latvia.
I also hope to have a quick visit to at least one grave yards in Lithuania and Estonia.

Plus, I have an ambitious plan to contact and visit Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital Pathology Centre slash morgue and embrace the darkest part of end of life.

My professional life relies on WordPress blog, Facebook page. I feel like I need to reconstruct my blog and have an additional online portfolio.

As you may have noticed, my Facebook page is fairly new – still working on it.



Whilst I will be in Latvia, I will continue organically extend my “HOME GLORY” ongoing series and will create master pieces that are truly and utterly my kind of Latvian.

0Z1A1224kitsch b



There is that one last thing I will be doing on the day before I fly off – Before I Die Wall @Hull Pride tomorrow from 1 pm.

I will be there early to photograph setting up and you might see those photos as early as 9 am and later on the day I will be at the Hull Pride.


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