A [point of] view of Manchester

First visit to Manchester alongside Redeye Hothouse.

Before the event I walked around the area, not even sure what is the name of it, so can’t tell you much. But ohh-what a place!

As the day began, it was fairly empty and quiet. The first impression – few lads just woken up from a busy night out, stinky breeze of “morning after” breath and sick behind the lamp post.
Ahh, the perks of Saturday morning….

The area though-lovely, lots of urban views and derelict buildings sharing the space between pubs, clubs, cafes and studios.

Few homeless people about [don’t really see much in Hull] and group of polish locals setting up a boozy breakfast next to the park “thing”

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I wish I had more time to explore Manchester, definitely going back in the future.

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