Hull 10K 2016


“2016 from behind the lens has been the best year”

Just weeks before the Hull 10K is was still indecisive whether to run or photograph and because I have been super busy for the past five weeks and had to skip training, I decided to be there as a photographer. Few days before I contacted the organisers in order to get the press pass. Last year I got some fantastic images, but struggled to get access to certain areas. This year the press pass made a massive difference and I have captured some great moments and emotions.

This year the run has been fantastic-inspiring, full of joy and happy faces. So many people run for a good cause, supporting different organisations and stepping out of their comfort zone.

It was my honour to capture very special moments and I hope you will agree with me – images really reflect the Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All Hull 10K.


Please share and tag your friends so that the images reach the right people.

Thank you!


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