As I have probably mentioned that numerous times before – my project is communication based, therefore to be able to get photographs I want/need, I have to contact places.

On my list currently are:

  • Dove Hose Hospice
  • Macmillan [Castle Hill Hospital Cancer Information Centre]
  • City Health Care Partnership, Community Specialist Palliative Care Clinics
  • Marie Curie Nursing Service and its Marie Curie Hospices

The list is a short version of my previous research and I have only left the possible ones.

There are few funeral directories on the list too.I have contacted two of them this week. [woo-hoo!]

  • S ROBINSON & SON – Dignity Funeral Services

S Robinson & Sons Funeral Directors

  • Robert A Drew & Son Ltd Funeral Directors in Willerby

Robert A Drew & Sons Funeral Directors

  • A Shepherd & Sons Funeral Directors in Hull


The first steps are to prepare a short introduction and take a deep breath before picking up the phone.

Robert A Draw & Sons was recommended to my as a small family-run business, that are a bit like from the TV series  Six Feet Under IMDB  – a bit “bonkers” therefore I was super keen to get in touch with them.

My introduction was straight forward – Anete – student – photography – project – research material-cultural differences – can I come and see you for a little chat?

As a surprise and slight disappointment was the lady on the other side of the line saying a definite “no”.

By this moment my confidence was out of the window, but as I am desperate to start taking some photography action, I decided to try to ring funeral directories that are part of the  Dignity Funerals.

The introduction was similar, but I suggested an interview rather than photography-related visit, as the person on the phone, told me that OBVIOUSLY THERE ARE NO PHOTOGRAPHY OPPORTUNITIES.

I strongly pushed the Cultural difference part, as I think that would pursue people to have a interview. He told me that he will ring me back the next day to arrange a meeting.

Two days later I did not heard from him, but as this post is back-dated, I can tell you that within the next week I decided that going to funeral directories is waste of time, as they would not agree to any photography anyway and I have different things to focus on.

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